There are only three weeks left, and Kochi Prefecture's traditional Tosa kite making, which depicts the next year's tiger, is being actively carried out in Konan City.

It is said that the Tosa kite, which is characterized by a rhombus, was used by Chosokabe Motochika, a military commander during the Warring States period, to intimidate the enemy.

Takeshi Yoshikawa, the fifth generation dyeing shop in Kagami-cho, Konan City, is now the only Tosa kite craftsman in Kochi prefecture. I am being chased by.

Mr. Yoshikawa drew a brave tiger with a big mouth open at once with ink and colored it with yellow pigments.

And as a finishing touch, I was working on painting the four corners of the octopus in red, which is considered to be a talisman color.

Mr. Yoshikawa said, "It was a difficult year for everyone because of the corona sickness, so I am drawing with the hope that Tora will bring in good fortune next year."

On this day, a man from Fukuoka prefecture who said that he was decorating his large Tosa kite at his eel restaurant every year visited and confirmed the workmanship of the eel he ordered.

The man said, "I like Mr. Yoshikawa's octopus because it has a unique taste. I am looking forward to decorating it in the store in the new year because it is well received by customers."

Mr. Yoshikawa plans to make 100 octopuses by the end of the year, and they will be sold at the "Paper Museum" in Ino Town.