On December 7, 14 years after leaving home, the movie "Dear" prototype Sun Haiyang and his wife took their 14-year-old son Sun Zhuo from Shenzhen to their home in Jianli, Hubei by high-speed train, and met their relatives.

In her hometown in Hongcheng Township, Jianli City, the people of her hometown prepared a grand welcome ceremony, and her grandmother also waited at home for her grandson who had been thinking about her for 14 years.

  In 2007, Sun Zhuo, who was 4 years old, was abducted in Shenzhen. Since then, he and his adoptive parents have lived in Yanggu County, Shandong Province.

During the 14-year journey of finding a child, Sun Haiyang was filmed in the movie "Dear" as a prototype of the story, and his story of finding relatives is also widely known.

At present, the suspect Wu XX has been detained, and Sun Zhuo’s adoptive parents have been taken corresponding measures in accordance with legal procedures.

(Xia Xiaoyan and Hu Xuefei produced Sui Zhiyuan)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]