"We are not the executioners": a group of fourteen women who have declared themselves victims of sexual violence on the part of Nicolas Hulot and Patrick Poivre d'Arvor is speaking on Wednesday in a column published in Le Monde.

They react to the remarks of Emmanuel Macron, held last Wednesday in the Council of Ministers and which were reported by participants, who had said to wish neither "opacity", nor "complacency" nor "inquisition" about accusations of sexual assault and rape against his ex-minister Nicolas Hulot.

“How do our stories relate to the Inquisition?

From our exposed intimacies would arise the risk of plunging France back into one of the darkest and most unanimously hated periods in Western history?

They write.

“By waving the inquisitorial threat, you add another layer, you tell us that we are dangerous.

One more piece in the silencing machine.

Bringing our miseries to light would risk plunging France into darkness?

Shouldn't our stories advance the law rather than push it back to the horrors of the Inquisition?

», They continue.

Former TF1 among the signatories

"We have done a lot for that, and we will continue to act resolutely in this direction", added the Head of State about the fight against sexual violence. These remarks marked his first reaction after the broadcast, on November 25 on France 2, of an investigation in which several women accused Nicolas Hulot of rape and sexual assault. A preliminary investigation was opened in the wake of the Paris prosecutor's office. In total, it is at least six women, including one underage at the time of the facts, who implicate him.

Regarding the so-called “PPDA” affair, it broke in February, when journalist Florence Porcel filed a rape complaint.

As part of the preliminary investigation conducted by the Nanterre prosecutor's office, 23 women had testified, nine of whom had chosen to file a complaint for rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment.

Among the signatories of this forum, the former presenter of JT Hélène Devynck, Cécile Thimoreau, former journalist at TF1 and Muriel Reus, former executive of TF1.

They co-founded the association #MeTooMedias, which aims to break the omerta in the French media.


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What do we know about the accusations of sexual assault and rape against Nicolas Hulot?

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