Louise Bernard with Alexis Patri 10:49 am, December 08, 2021

The TF1 channel has just bought the rights to "That's My Jam", the successful American musical TV game, born from the spirit of star host Jimmy Fallon, according to information from our colleagues in the newspaper "Le Figaro". The French channel will be the first in the world to adapt this program born on NBC abroad.

The show seduced the United States with its episode unveiled in preview on November 29. 

That's My Jam

, Jimmy Fallon's crazy musical TV game, will be entitled to its French version.

Our colleagues from the newspaper

Le Figaro

reveal that TF1 has just bought the rights to the program presented by Jimmy Fallon, one of the most famous and popular hosts in the United States, known for his

Tonight Show

 broadcast on NBC. 

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The U.S. version (and original) of the show won't arrive on NBC until January 2022, but one episode has premiered.

Several of his sequences come directly from the 

Tonight Show


And TF1 will be the first channel in the world to adapt it abroad.

Humorous musical events

In principle, two teams of two personalities compete in musical events such as karaoke and blind tests, revisited with humor.

One of the tests is for example to sing the words of a song to the tune of another.

But also sing a love song by offering a country version, or make you guess a song by playing it with an improbable musical instrument.

TF1 will work directly with Jimmy Fallon's teams to develop the French adaptation.

It will most likely be prime time shows shot in January and aired in the months that follow, according to

Le Figaro


The choice of the French Jimmy Fallon has not yet been decided.