Congolese broadcaster Jonathan's warm tale became known late.

Yesterday (7th), broadcaster Yoo Byung-jae's manager, Yoo Gyu-sun, captured and uploaded a comment from a netizen along with the caption "a good person" on his Instagram.

The comment was left by netizen A, who said that Jonathan was his lifesaver.

According to the comment left by Mr. A, in November of last year, Jonathan approached Mr. A, who was hyperventilating due to panic disorder on the subway, and brought him water and helped him to breathe slowly. Also, to get back to Mr. A, who said he was sorry, Jonathan reassured him that it was okay and sent him several times on the subway he had been waiting for during that time.

In the comment, Mr. A said, "At the time, Mr. Jonathan was wearing a mask and even a transparent face shield, but I was watching YouTube and noticed that it was Mr. Jonathan." I expressed my gratitude to

Afterwards, when netizens doubting the authenticity of the comment appeared, Mr. A said, "To me, he is really like a lifesaver, but it breaks my heart to say that it is 'Jukjak (making up facts that do not exist)'. Turn around the CCTV at Sinnonhyeon Station or Noryangjin Station on November 21st," he also revealed the specific location and time.

Yoo Gyu-sun posted the article and also released a photo taken with Jonathan, and both of them are smiling brightly in the photo, adding to the warmth.

Jonathan, a broadcaster well known as 'Prince of Congo', first appeared on KBS's liberal arts program 'Human Theater', and then appeared in many entertainment programs.

Recently, Jonathan appeared on MBC's 'Point of Omniscient Interfere' with Yoo Byung-jae and his manager Yoo Gyu-seon and brought laughs with his wacky milk tea recipe by pouring a tea bag brewed in water into milk. He also runs a YouTube channel with 310,000 subscribers. .

(Photo=Yoo Gyu-sun, Jonathan's Instagram)



(SBS Entertainment News editor Jina-yoon)