• On December 8, 2018, Antoine Boudinet lost his right hand while picking up a grenade during a demonstration of “yellow vests” in Bordeaux.

  • Three later, Florent Viguié, teacher and author, stages his story in a documentary play

    La Main Tendue


  • The objective is to question the public on police violence, the maintenance of order but also the “yellow vests” movement itself, the thugs or the role of the media.

He will not play his own role, but Antoine Boudinet will be there this Wednesday evening on the stage of the Pont Tournant theater in Bordeaux. He will attend the play dedicated to him,

La Main Tendue

, before discussing with the audience. It has now been three years, to the day, that this young Bordeaux resident lost his right hand, torn off by the 26 grams of TNT from a GLI-F4 grenade during a demonstration of "yellow vests". A real drama which of course changed his life forever.

Today, its story is directed by Florent Viguié, French teacher at the Lycée Gustave-Eiffel. “At the beginning, I wanted to work on radicalization in our societies, explains the one who is also an author. I do documentary theater with this idea of ​​knowing what is true, what is false and above all how we make a democracy live? How do we talk to each other? I ask questions about our world. "In 2018, the one who" is not at all a "yellow vest" "very quickly began to follow the demonstrations. “I was looking for different testimonies. I met Antoine three weeks after his injury. But to my surprise, he was not a radicalized person at all. It changed my own outlook on movement and above all, it naturally became the center of my piece. "

Not there to lecture but to question

For his part, Antoine Boudinet does not say no.

“I told him I didn't mind him telling my story.

The goal was not to talk about me but rather to tackle a lot of subjects through this story, ”recalls the now elected mayor of Bordeaux alongside Philippe Poutou.

So what does he think of the result?

“Even though we may not have the same political opinions, I like the play because it asks a lot of questions.

It's very interesting.

She's not here to lecture.

She asks above all about police violence and also about "yellow vests", thugs, insecurity or the media.


"Yellow vests" in Bordeaux: The investigation into the torn hand of a protester relaunched by the Attorney General https://t.co/A4ECiy1MJ9 via @ 20minutesBord pic.twitter.com/jpof62Ibwt

- 20minutesbordeaux (@ 20minutesbord) October 28, 2019

Directed by Abdulrahman Khallouf, the play will be performed every evening from Wednesday to Saturday.

Two of the four performances will be followed by debates / meetings on the theme of maintaining order.

Antoine Boudinet also hopes that this subject as well as that of police violence “will be major themes of the presidential campaign because there is a real problem.

As he approaches his thirties, the Bordeaux resident is slowly recovering from this tragedy as he confides to

20 Minutes:

Physically, I'm fine even though my hand obviously hasn't grown back.

Psychologically, things are also getting better.

It took two and a half, three years to get over it.

I just got back to work.


He is an animator in a nursery school in addition to his elected mandate.

On the other hand, “it is the legal standstill with an investigation still in progress.

I'm not sure what it will end up with.

I regret that it does not move faster.



Results of municipal elections in Bordeaux: A "yellow vest" who had his hand torn off during a demonstration enters the Palais Rohan


"Yellow vests" in Bordeaux: The investigation into the torn hand of a protester relaunched by the Attorney General

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