In the case of the five dead in Brandenburg, the suspected family man is said to have feared arrest, according to his suicide note.

In addition, according to the judiciary, there was fear that the children would be taken away from him and his wife.

According to the letter, the 40-year-old had a vaccination certificate for his wife forged.

Your employer found out.

Now the couple was afraid of the arrest and the loss of the children, as Chief Public Prosecutor Gernot Bantleon told the German Press Agency on Tuesday.

He didn't want to give any further details.

The investigators found the letter in the family home.

After the discovery of the five dead on Saturday in a single-family house in Königs Wusterhausen, the family man is considered responsible, according to investigators.

The man committed suicide after the fact, according to initial investigations, about which the police and public prosecutor Cottbus informed on Monday.

A farewell letter wise to the 40-year-old.

The father of the family is said to have killed his wife, also 40 years old, and his three children aged four, eight and ten - all of them were found with gunshot wounds.

At first it was said that they had gunshot and stab wounds.

The public prosecutor's office has now revised that.

The investigators also found a firearm in the house.

Whether this is the weapon that was used for shooting is currently still open.

The autopsy of the five dead should take a few days.