Sun Haiyang and his wife took their sons back to the village to dance and greet

  14 years after being abducted, Sun Zhuo had a reunion dinner with his relatives in his hometown for the first time; grandma hoped that the traffickers could tell the whereabouts of other children, so that more families could be reunited.

  Sun Zhuo is back.

  The news spread in He Zhao Village, Jianli, Hubei.

There is the old house where Sun Zhuo lived from birth to the age of four, and his grandparents.

In 2007, in order to receive a better education, his father Sun Haiyang took four-year-old Sun Zhuo from his hometown to Shenzhen for kindergarten.

But just two days after he went there, Xiao Sun Zhuo was kidnapped by a man with a leather bag using a toy car.

  Over the years, Sun Haiyang has traveled all over the country, from Chaozhou in Guangdong to Fujian, Henan, and Shandong, the distance is getting longer and longer.

His phone and his son's photos drifted in the crowd along with the missing persons notice. The family story was also adapted into the movie "Dear" in 2014, which was put on the big screen.

But Sun Zhuo seemed to have disappeared, and there was no answer.

  Until this year, the Shenzhen police arrested the suspect and Sun Zhuo returned to Shenzhen to admit his relatives. Sun Haiyang's family didn't know that he had been living in Yanggu County, Liaocheng, Shandong for 14 years.

He has good academic performance, is in his first year of high school, and has two older sisters.

  On December 7, the day after the successful confession, the family boarded the high-speed train early and returned to their hometown in Hubei to visit Sun Zhuo's grandparents.

  Villagers gathered in front of the old house to greet

  In He Zhao Village, a three-story old house where Sun Zhuo lived for four years.

  From the morning of December 7, dozens of actors in red costumes on the village roads, holding long dragons and colorful lions, danced their bodies happily to the sound of sonorous music, and colored ribbons and colored balls kept flashing.

The firecrackers and fragments of fireworks on the road stretched out 500 meters.

Villagers from this village and several nearby villages have already gathered in front of the old house. Some of them are old and some are still holding their infant children.

  Knowing that Sun Zhuo was coming back, the old neighbor's grandmother came to the house specially and wanted to see him.

The grandmother said that she watched Sun Zhuo grow to four years old, and now that he finally came back, she was also very happy.

  At around 1 p.m., Sun Haiyang and his wife took Sun Zhuo to their home in Hubei.

The 70-year-old grandma pushed aside the crowd, hugged Sun Zhuo tightly, and started crying loudly.

With a cigarette pinned to his ear, Grandpa also hugged Sun Zhuo.

Sun Zhuo grew up a head taller than his grandparents. When embracing them, he had to bend down deeply.

The sound of firecrackers crackled, joy overwhelmed everything and heard nothing.

  Sun Zhuo’s grandfather is 79 years old this year. He told the Beijing News reporter that he knew that Sun Zhuo had found him three days ago. He didn’t believe it at the time. Now Sun Zhuo really came back and called them "Grandpa and Grandma." "It doesn't seem to be true."

While speaking, tears filled his eyes.

  Reunion dinner 14 years late

  On the afternoon of the 7th, 14 years after being abducted, for the first time, Sun Zhuo sat with his relatives in his hometown and had a lively reunion dinner.

One of Sun Zhuo's cousin said that in his memory, such a reunion dinner hadn't passed for a long, long time.

  The food on the table is steaming, and the sausages, vegetable moss and other dishes with Hubei characteristics are specially selected by the family.

Everyone raised their wine glasses to welcome Sun Zhuo home.

  Grandpa was getting older and he was a little confused. Sun Zhuo sat next to Grandpa, their faces joined together, and they chatted.

Grandpa said that he has missed Sun Zhuo a lot over the years. Now that Sun Zhuo is back, he feels happy.

"I brought up Sun Zhuo. He was only so tall when he lost it," he compared with his hands. "When he came back, he grew so tall."

  During the dinner, one of Sun Zhuo's cousins ​​told the Beijing News reporter that the entire family's relatives have also been helping to find Sun Zhuo over the years.

They all knew about the hard work of Sun Haiyang's family and learned that Sun Zhuo was back. He also watched a lot of Sun Zhuo's short videos on social platforms.

He sighed that he hadn't seen Sun Zhuo in 14 years, "I still feel a sense of intimacy."

  Sun Zhuo's aunt told the story of the past.

When Sun Zhuo was three and a half years old, his family took 10 yuan and asked him to go to the supermarket to buy a fish.

They quietly followed behind Sun Zhuo and saw that Xiao Sun Zhuo had successfully bought back a tilapia.

When we met again 14 years later, she recognized Sun Zhuo at first sight.

  Sun Zhuo’s grandmother said that during the years Sun Zhuo lost, their family tried every means. They had been to Shandong, Jiangsu and other places. Every day they posted missing persons notices outside and even found someone to tell where the child was.

Now that Sun Zhuo has been found, grandma said that she hoped that the traffickers could tell the whereabouts of other children, so that more families could be reunited.

  Brother's gift

  A temporary kitchen was built with plastic shed cloth next to the old house. Many villagers, relatives and friends are helping to cut meat, kill turtles, prepare mustard and pickles, etc., waiting for the running water table in the village at night.

Beef, fish and duck are boiled in a big iron pot, filled with peppers, and a pot is red.

At the entrance of the old house, two long rows of round tables were placed.

The neighbors were also happy and sent a handful of wedding candy to the visitors.

  Sun Zhuo’s mother, Peng Siying, said that Sun Zhuo was brought up by his grandparents in his hometown in Hubei from birth to the age of four, and his grandmother had a particularly deep affection for him.

  On December 6, Sun Zhuo and his parents had a successful confession in Shenzhen, and he had a video call with his grandmother in the evening.

Grandma started crying on the phone, "I almost lost my life because of you."

  That night, Sun Zhuo and his younger brother stayed at home in Shenzhen for one night.

The younger brother knew that his parents had paid a lot to find his brother. When he saw his brother, he rushed to hug him. He also prepared a few lollipops, a box of potato chips, a bottle of coke, and a pack of spicy sticks for him. Like to eat, "He said this is a gift for my brother." Peng Siying said.

  Beijing News reporter Xu Yang Jiang Pengfeng Zhao Lu Li Yang Photographer Ding Pei