China News Service, Hangzhou, December 2 (Guo Qiyu) A woman Zheng Moumou sued the bank for a claim of 600,000 yuan, claiming that she was maliciously collected by the bank with insulting posters, which caused her marriage contract to be cancelled and her job lost.

However, after the judge tried the case and transferred the case to the public security organs, Zheng Moumou's "self-directed and self-performed" turned into a defendant suspected of false litigation.

  In April 2020, Zheng XX sued a bank in Zhejiang to the People's Court of Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province on the grounds that his personality rights were violated.

Zheng claimed that shortly after receiving the collection text message from the bank, she saw a big-character poster with threatening and insulting content at the door of her house.

These big-character posters were seen by Zheng's boyfriend, boyfriend's mother, and partners, and everyone knew that his marriage contract was cancelled and his job was lost.

  Zheng said that malicious collection not only caused her family crisis and emotional frustration, but also brought mental stress and reputation loss. Therefore, she sued the bank for compensation of 590,000 yuan for mental damage and 10,000 yuan for reputation loss, and publicly apologized. .

  However, during the trial, the court found that in the evidence provided by Zheng, the screenshots of the SMS chat records between her and the collection officer were obviously false.

The court held that Zheng's claim that the bank infringed his personality rights lacked factual basis and did not support it.

Then Zheng XX filed an application for withdrawal of the lawsuit.

  On November 25 of the same year, the court concluded the case, ruled not to allow Zheng to withdraw the lawsuit, ruled to dismiss his litigation request, and transferred clues about the case to the public security agency.

After Zheng was arrested, he soon admitted to the fact that he had forged evidence to prosecute.

  It turned out that Zheng started to borrow money from the above-mentioned bank network in 2016 and was unable to repay the loan by January 2020, and still owed about 16,000 yuan to the bank.

In April of the same year, the bank sent a collection text message to it.

  Zheng XX changed the bank's collection text message to a collection text message with threatening and insulting content and sent it to himself without paying any money.

Later, she fabricated big-character posters with threatening and insulting content. She also fabricated chat records with her boyfriend, her boyfriend's mother, neighbors, partners, etc., and sued the court on the grounds that she was found posting big-character posters at the door of her home.

  After the trial, the court held that Zheng filed a civil lawsuit with fabricated facts to obstruct judicial order, and his behavior constituted a crime of false litigation. He was sentenced to eight months in prison and a fine of 1,000 yuan in the first instance.