In Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture, where steel production is thriving, a Christmas tree made by combining reinforcing bars is on display.

The Christmas tree installed in the Cultural Hall in Yasugi City is made by combining 47 reinforcing bars of different lengths and is about 3 meters high.

The tree is decorated with pictures drawn by local nursery children and visitors, as well as decorated PET bottles.

This Christmas tree is exhibited every year at this time to promote Yasugi City, where steel production is prosperous, and it is said that the decoration is supervised by a professor specializing in art at Shimane Prefectural University, and it is finished more gorgeously. That is.

Hiroshi Sakaguchi, General Manager of the Cultural Division of the Cultural Hall "Artepia", said, "I want you to see the tree and know that Yasugi is a steel town. I want you to come and see the lively and fun tree."

This Christmas tree is on display from 9am to 6pm until the 25th of this month, except on Tuesdays when the museum is closed.