Stéphane Burgatt (in Marseille), edited by Solène Leroux 6:15 a.m., December 6, 2021

With the opening of the booster dose for all and the third wave of Covid-19, the means are being deployed to meet the demand.

In Marseille as in other large cities, the town hall has reopened a vaccinodrome for this recall campaign while many Marseillais have not yet started their vaccination scheme.


Marseillais recalcitrant to the vaccine, there are many, as everywhere in France.

But Chantal is an exception.

At 65 that day, she received her very first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

"They are all vaccinated at my house except me: my children, Mum ... I was the only one not vaccinated, so I ended up accepting."

In this vaccination establishment in the hypercentre of the second largest city in France, almost exclusive appointment requests concern booster doses.


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"In general, the people who have gone through the first dose are really opposed to that and they have given themselves the means so far not to do it", explains Doctor Giraud on the spot, who does not expect to perform a lot of first-time injections.

"I don't think that at the level of the first doses there is a massive influx of vaccines to be made."

45% vaccinated in the northern districts

Another fight, another speech in the northern districts where only 45% of the population is vaccinated.

“It's a very, very thankless job to knock on people's homes, talk with them and try to deconstruct,” says Yazid Attalah, president of the Health and Environment Association for All.

He is fighting against very marked reluctance here, but does not lose hope: "This week we are at 300 people vaccinated, 40% of first-time vaccines, so that means we are gaining an additional market share at the level of the vaccination."

There is also another delay to catch up, he deplores, with isolated elderly people who have completely come out of health radars.