Prince William still remembers how his mother Princess Diana liked to sing along to songs in the car.

One of the songs she played that the prince still has fond memories of is

Tina Turner


The Best


According to British media, he tells this in an episode of the

Apple Fitness+


Time To Walk

, which will be released on Monday.

When William and his younger brother Harry were nervous about going back to school as young boys, their mother played music in the car.

"One of those songs that has stayed with me all along and that I still enjoy listening to now is Tina Turner's The Best. Because singing in the back seat felt like a family moment. And my mother drove and sang along. Even the police officer who was in the car sometimes sang along," says the prince (39), who lost his mother in 1997 at the age of fifteen.

The prince lost himself in music during such car rides.

The same goes for Tina Turner's hit.

"When I listen to that song now, I immediately think back to those car rides and all kinds of memories of my mother come up."

He also tries to create musical moments with his own children, George (8), Charlotte (6) and Louis (3).

"Most mornings Charlotte and George argue about which song is playing. Now I have to make sure one day is one and the next the next."