On December 5th, the "Olympic Mission" ended a three-day trip to Hong Kong.

During their stay in Hong Kong, the Olympic athletes have an intensive schedule, not only participating in demonstration performances and variety shows, but also in-depth exchanges with the community, schools, ordinary citizens, primary and secondary school students, and young athletes.

Diving athlete Wang Zongyuan signed the Hong Kong athlete.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Zhihua

  During this period, almost every time they appeared, one or two news hits the hot search list. Everywhere they went, they received seal applause and groundhog screams, turning them into large star chasing scenes. Not only did they become fans The host, Hong Kong athletes, and even the Chief Executive Carrie Lam, who is a heart-to-heart with Ma Long.

Some netizens joked that they have fully felt the enthusiasm of Hong Kong compatriots thousands of miles away through the headset and the screen.

Champions sincerely share witty words

The picture shows the members of the delegation from the Mainland Olympic athletes visiting Hong Kong interacting with the on-site teachers, students and citizens.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Zhihua

  On the morning of the 5th, the delegation was invited to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to give a speech, sharing the story and mental journey of their struggle in sports.

  There were no empty seats at the report meeting. There were not only college students, but also elementary school students and gray-haired elders who came here.

The wonderful moments of the Olympic athletes in the competition were played at the event site. There was thunderous applause, and many spectators cheered and waved national flags and regional flags.

  Athletes and coaches such as Ma Long, Su Bingtian, Sun Yiwen, and Lv Xiaojun came to the stage successively, starting from their own experience, and sincerely talked about their thoughts and feelings at different stages such as the setting of dreams, the trough of illness, and the peak of glory.

Ma Long: With dreams in mind, it will always be the year to fight

  In the eyes of most people, I should have retired bravely at the age of 28 after the Rio Olympics.

I remember that my coach Qin Zhijian asked me: "Can we still go to Tokyo together? Why should we go to Tokyo?" I replied at the time: "I want to go because I can still fight." The coach laughed at the time and he said: "Just having these is far from enough." At that moment, I did not deeply understand the coach's meaningful words.

  Because of my playing habits and high-intensity training all the year round, the knee of my left leg is worn and calcified. I have been undergoing physical therapy for these years.

After the Budapest World Table Tennis Championships in 2019, my leg injury broke out again, and surgery was the only option before me.

Table tennis player Ma Long paired with Xu Xin and Hong Kong athletes.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Wei

  Three months after the operation, I returned to the game, and the "hexagonal fighter" in everyone's impression started from losing.

"Injuries crushed Malone" "He is too old" "The era of the hexagonal warrior is over"... During those days, all kinds of discussions came head on.

  When I was tortured by injuries and failures, I also asked myself: Can I return to the top?

What is the meaning of keeping going?

But it was at the darkest moment of my career that I realized that table tennis has become an irreplaceable and part of my life. It is like living in my body. I love table tennis too much.

  With this conviction, at the age of 32, I stood on the Olympic Games again and finally won two gold medals.

After the game, I gave everyone a heart, and I gave this heart to myself, to myself who didn't give up in difficult times.

Sports teach us not only to win or lose, but also the courage to come back after failure and the belief in not giving up in desperate situations.

  After each Olympics, many athletes will be known and loved by everyone.

Many times I think about what kind of idols we need in this era.

I think an idol should be a candle, a mirror, reflecting you and us with love and dreams; with love, it will always be a year to fight.

Su Bingtian: The world of martial arts, only fast is not broken

  Like many boys, I have liked to read Hong Kong martial arts novels since I was a child. I like Mr. Jin Yong's "Swordsman" and "Tianlong Babu".

Since then, I have dreamed of becoming the fastest chasing boy one day.

  I still remember when I first joined the provincial team for training, I overheard a chat with my teammates. One said: "I am 0.01 second faster than you today", and the other said: "It's only 0.01 seconds." I thought: "Just I am 0.01 second faster than you every day, so you don’t want to beat me.” From that day on, I tried every means to increase my speed. I set a goal for myself to be 0.01 second faster every day. This goal has always motivated me to keep improving.

  Only if you believe that you can do it will you have a chance to become possible.

Athletes will inevitably suffer from injuries. After my injury, my performance was stagnant. A large number of sprinters have also grown abroad, and suddenly I found that I had to face more competitors.

Frankly speaking, that period was when I was under the most pressure, and at the same time I would question whether I could continue to stick to it.

  When I was 28, I asked myself if I still wanted to run. If I wanted to, I had to believe that the solution was more difficult than the difficulty.

I was relieved instantly.

Because many examples prove that as long as through their own hard work and scientific training, world players can do it, and Chinese players can do it.

Facts have proved the same.

Sun Yiwen: "The wise are not confused, the brave are not afraid" is my life creed

  A sentence from Confucius' Analects: The wise are not confused, and the brave are not afraid.

I have always regarded it as the creed of my life.

  The wise man is not confused, first of all, he must have a clear goal and formulate the best strategy for this goal.

"The Ten Thousand Hours Rule" is a familiar story, saying that top athletes, musicians, and chess players often need 10,000 hours to perfect a skill.

But I think it is not only the accumulation of time and frequency, but also the setting of goals, dismantling, reviewing and repeated practice.

The picture shows Sun Yiwen sharing his struggle.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Zhihua

  I dare not say that I am the hardest athlete, but I dare to say that I think the most seriously.

After repeating the exercises countless times a day, analyzing and optimizing the training strategy will form a positive cycle. With the accumulation of 10,000 hours, my training results will be revealed.

  The brave are not afraid, in my opinion, they must dare to subvert themselves.

In order to achieve a breakthrough in performance, I gave up the "second intention" tactics that I had been familiar with for many years during the training of the national team, and changed it to the "rush attack" style.

The training at the beginning was painful. It was like returning to the fencing team at the age of 15. Everything had to start from scratch.

All I have to do is to face the problem head-on, and let myself go through this period quickly.

I believe that every bump on the road hints that I am taking a better step, and I will see a different scenery only after the obstacles of wind and rain.

  Love, dare to think, study, subvert... countless daily choices made me who I am today.

The wise are not confused, and the brave are not afraid.

I believe my story is also applicable to everyone, no matter the game or life.

The picture shows the teachers, students and citizens in the audience were applauded and supported by the athletes' answers.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Zhihua

  During the on-site questioning session, Hong Kong citizens, college teachers and middle school students raised their hands to ask questions. The questions were professional and interesting, and they attracted rounds of applause from the audience.

  A Hong Kong Polytechnic University chair professor who claimed to be a "sports enthusiast" asked Wang Aimin, coach of the Chinese swimming team, how to select talents, train talents, and line up before the competition?

  An old man asked Lu Xiaojun, the men's 81 kg weightlifting champion at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, what do you think of the nickname of "unold military god" and how to maintain the peak state?

  A Hong Kong middle school student asked Cui Xiaotong, the rowing women’s quadruple scull champion at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, “You mentioned in your speech that “winning the championship is a habit”. How do you keep this habit?”

  Several athletes and coaches answered questions from the audience.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University student Jin, who listened to the report on the same day, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that Olympic athletes are very proud and proud of winning glory for the country on the field and letting the world see China's power.

The visit of mainland Olympic athletes to Hong Kong has promoted exchanges with Hong Kong and allowed Hong Kong youth to learn their fighting spirit.

Seven famous scenes of Olympic athletes visiting Hong Kong

Chief Executive Comparing Heart

  On the evening of December 4, the "Olympic Athletes Grand Parade" was held at Queen Elizabeth Stadium. A group of Olympic athletes and representatives of Hong Kong athletes participated in a number of competitive games.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor also attended the scene to give her support.

  When the male host praised the Chinese national table tennis team for winning multiple gold medals, Wang Zulan immediately said: "Of course it is amazing, so we all made a gesture to Ma Long together." Celebrating action-more than heart.

  So all the audience raised their hands to compare their hearts. Interestingly, Carrie Lam in the stands also followed suit.

  This scene was seen by the sharp-eyed Wang Zulan and exclaimed: "Wow! Special Capital has done it! It's amazing!"

"Dragon Python" magic circle

  In the demonstration performance of "Olympic Athletes Exhibition Style", Ma Long and Xu Xin reproduced the famous scene of "Magic Circle". Applause, some netizens commented: "The stadium can't hold Malone and Xu Xin anymore" "This is the legendary'Long Python and Dragon'?"

Zhang Yining surprise appearance of "big and small devil" "dream linkage"

  In the "Olympic Athletes Exhibition" event, after entering the stadium, Ma Long and Xu Xin smiled and walked towards the corner of the auditorium.

The reporter followed their eyes and saw that the audience sat in the auditorium with "Master Sister", former table tennis player Zhang Yining and "Diving Queen" Guo Jingjing. The four of them chatted and took a selfie.

Former diving Olympic champion Guo Jingjing and former table tennis Olympic champion Zhang Yining pose with Ma Long and Xu Xin.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Wei

  As soon as the photo was exposed, it caused heated discussion. Netizens joked that "the amount of gold is too high" "Guess how many Olympic gold medals are in the picture"-answer: 15 pieces.

5 for Ma Long, 4 for Zhang Yining, 4 for Guo Jingjing, and 2 for Xu Xin.

"Whirlwind" Su Shen show "Shadow Foot": 88 steps in 8 seconds

  In the "Olympic Athletes Grand Parade", Su Bingtian instructed young Hong Kong track and field athletes on the spot, and communicated with two Hong Kong track and field athletes Lu Liyao and Wu Jiafeng. The three tried to take the highest pace within 8 seconds.

Lv Liyao, the Hong Kong "hurdle back", took the lead and took 72 steps, and then went to the Hong Kong 100-meter trapeze Wu Jiafeng to battle. The 4x100 relay Hong Kong record holder took 76 steps.

Finally, he had a try at Su Bingtian. He seriously bent over to make preparatory moves. As soon as the timing started, he stomped at a high speed, so fast that the audience couldn't help but cheer.

He took an astonishing 88 steps in 8 seconds, which was described by the media as "Shadowless Foot".

Li Fabin Hong Kong reappears "Golden Rooster Independence"

  On December 4, Mainland Olympic athletes such as Li Fabin and Chen Lijun came to the Hong Kong Fire and Ambulance Academy to communicate with the Hong Kong Disciplinary Forces.

While demonstrating weightlifting skills, Li Fabin reproduced the scene of "Golden Rooster Independence" at the Tokyo Olympics.

He said that there may be accidents in the competitive game. At that time, the center of gravity was biased and the adjustment was forced to break back, so this action occurred.

Wang Zongyuan performed "Splash Disappearance Technique"

Diving athlete Wang Zongyuan made a heart-shaped gesture to the audience.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Zhihua

  On December 4th, diving athlete Wang Zongyuan demonstrated the "splash disappearing technique" in the Victoria Park swimming pool. Several perfect movements won cheers from the audience, and almost no splashes aroused bursts of wonder.

Wang Zongyuan also frequently interacted with the citizens and waved in greetings.

The Hong Kong athletes in the same field instantly became "fans" and asked Wang Zongyuan for autographs.

At the scene, the audience pulled up a banner that read "China Diving Dream Team YYDS", and Wang Zongyuan responded with a heart-shaped gesture.

Diving athlete Wang Zongyuan performed diving demonstrations and performances, attracting Hong Kong athletes who participated in the performances to watch and learn carefully.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Zhihua

Olympic athletes sing "Red Sun" with Keqin Li

  At the end of the "Olympic Athletes Parade", Hong Kong singer Keqin Lee and four Olympic athletes sang "Red Sun". The audience waved the national flag and beat the regional flag together, pushing the atmosphere to a climax.

Along with the singing, the rest of the athletes also appeared again, waving to the audience.

  The three-day visit of the Olympic athletes to Hong Kong came to an end, but the enthusiasm of the audience remained unfinished.

After the big show on the evening of December 4th, hundreds of spectators gathered outside the gymnasium and waved goodbye to the athletes team reluctantly. On December 5, in the Lang District Sports Meeting, hundreds of elementary school students shouted "Thank you "Farewell to the athletes who came to share.

  During the three-day follow-up report, the reporter interviewed many citizens, students, and young players. In addition to the excitement of seeing idols, many people expressed that they were inspired and would follow them as an example in their lives. Forge ahead actively on the way.

For many people, this is not just a "star chasing", a sports demonstration performance, but also the seeds of dreams planted in their hearts, and since then they have struggled to grow and flourish, just like Xu Xin more than ten years ago. He won his first adult championship in Queen Elizabeth Stadium. Looking back many years later, he found that a brand new life set sail from here.

  Text reporter: Han Xingtong Chen Xiaoyuan

  Photojournalist: Zhang Yu, Zhang Wei, Li Zhihua

  Video reporter: Fan Siyi and Luo Siyu