Time-limited sign language translation, scenario simulation... Recently, the Law Sign Language Translation Competition of Southwest University of Political Science and Law was held in the mock court hall of the School of Administrative Law.

In the competition, the plaintiff was a hearing impaired, and the defender played by the participating students communicated with the hearing impaired in sign language and conveyed the demands of the hearing impaired in sign language.

  It is understood that there are 27 million hearing-impaired groups in China, and they are important targets of public legal services. The number of registered lawyers in the country is about 400,000, but there are very few lawyers who can communicate with hearing-impaired groups.

Southwest University of Political Science and Law has taken the lead in setting up an experimental class specializing in the training of special legal services for the disadvantaged groups in the country. The establishment of this experimental class has also filled China’s Gaps in the training of legal service talents for special populations.

(Deng Qinghao, Peng Yuwen, Hong Xinxu, produced by Jia Nan)

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]