China News Service, Hefei, December 5th. On December 4, the Public Security Bureau of Qianshan City, Anhui Province notified the investigation of the "12.2" traffic accident.

  According to the report, at about 10:17 on December 2, on the national highway G318 (596KM+850M) in Qianshan City, the H41523 medium-duty passenger vehicle in Anhui and the G36812 dump truck collided, resulting in 8 deaths and 3 injuries.

  Anqing and Qianshan City Public Security Bureau quickly set up an investigation team. With the technical support of the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Public Security Department, after on-site surveys, visits and investigations, inspection and identification, and video retrospectives, it was determined that the direct cause of the accident was the driver of the medium-sized passenger vehicle. Sudden brain hemorrhage and loss of consciousness during driving caused the vehicle to lose control, drove into the opposite lane, and collided with the dump truck.

At present, the accidents are handled in accordance with the law and the aftermath is being handled in an orderly manner.