The Mainland Olympic delegation of the Tokyo Olympic Games arrived in Hong Kong on December 3 and embarked on a three-day visit to Hong Kong. During the three-day trip, they will attend a series of activities. Among them, the most eye-catching performances are the sports demonstrations of Olympic athletes.

In the early morning of December 4, the reporter came to the Queen Elizabeth Stadium and saw that there were already crowds outside the stadium. There were long lines waiting to enter the stadium to watch the demonstration performance of the mainland Olympic athletes delegation. The team was tens of meters long.

What are their enthusiasm expectations for this event?

Who is your favorite athlete?

How do they view this event?

Let's take a look together!

  【Subtitles】How do you feel at this moment?

  [Concurrent] Audiences participating in the "Olympic Athletes Exhibition" event

  It’s quite exciting to meet them in Hong Kong. In addition, because of the obstacles of the epidemic, we are very lucky to be able to see this show in Hong Kong. It’s really fun, so we got up very early, and we did some small things ourselves. I want to send souvenirs to everyone. These are some photos of the Dragons. We also selected some photos of them at the Tokyo Olympic Games and made a small souvenir ticket. I want to send it to everyone.

  I am very happy, because I have always liked table tennis and I am also very concerned about the Olympic Games, so I am very happy to be able to come over today.

  Very excited because I can watch table tennis.

  I was very excited to see the Olympic champion.

Just live in a dream.

  I was nervous because I could meet the (champion) players.

  [Subtitle] Who is your favorite athlete?

  If I want to meet Ma Long and Xu Xin of the national team, I will also learn from those athletes in the future.

  Ma Long, Ma Long, come on, we all support you

  Malone, Malone, come on.

  I want to meet Ma Long, because he is my idol playing table tennis.

  [Subtitles] What do you think of the significance of this activity?

  [Concurrent] Audiences participating in the "Olympic Athletes Exhibition" event

  I think that through the sports platform, the two places (personnel) can have better exchanges, and everyone can have a better understanding through sports.

  For young people, they can learn about the country and make progress with the country.

  This activity allows us to support the players of our national team, they are the pride of our Chinese.

  Because he also plays table tennis himself, I think it's very interesting to take a look at Ma Long and see his (table tennis) skills.

  Let more Hong Kong citizens have access to our national team athletes. They are very proud of our country. Of course, (athletes) must take care of their bodies because athletes are very hard.

  We came to Hong Kong from the mainland, far away from home, and finally saw the athletes of the national team. They won glory for the country, and we can see and feel a kind of cordiality.

  I think the spirit of the Olympic athletes to fight for the first place can make the people of Hong Kong feel the cohesion of the Chinese nation.

  I think it has also enhanced the exchanges between the two places, in terms of sports and culture.

  I think it also allows the people of Hong Kong to enjoy the fun of sports events together.

  I will also learn from the athletes in the future, China!

  Reporter Liang Yuan from Hong Kong

Editor in charge: [Wu Qingcai]