On the front page: Valérie Pécresse, right-wing woman

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Valérie Pécresse is the first candidate of the Les Républicains party in a presidential election in France.

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By: Norbert Navarro

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She is the first candidate of the Les Républicains party in a presidential election in France.

She promises to steer a course to the right.

In an interview with the

Journal du Dimanche

, Valérie Pécresse assures that she wants to follow a line " 

clearly on the right


The candidate The Republicans intends "to 

carry a powerful project of rupture


According to her, Emmanuel Macron is " 

the president of the zigzag and the political scull 


She says she can beat him and accuses him once again of having "

 burnt the fund

 " (in other words, having burned France's financial reserves. " 

France is damaged, split. Everything must be repaired

 ", says Valérie Pécresse again. at



The Ciotti lookout

Valérie Pécresse therefore won in her duel with the deputy Éric Ciotti, but the latter made a big score. As noted by

Le Parisien Dimanche

, Eric Ciotti obtained nearly 40% of the votes “

 on a line close to that of Eric Zemmour. We understood (yesterday) that the member for Nice will not remain inert,

predicts this newspaper.

He will impose himself (he imposed himself?) As the guardian of the temple with Valérie Pécresse. It will have to refrain from any refocusing and keep its right

 ", warns

Le Parisien Dimanche




Le Journal du Dimanche

, Eric Ciotti does not say anything else.

 The presidential campaign will be won on the right (…) In the second round, almost all the other candidates were against me.

Despite this, 40,000 members gave me their votes.

It is a force that cannot be ignored.

And if it were, it would lead us to defeat,

 ”warns Eric Ciotti in



According to him, “

 in a country which today votes 40% to the right of the right, the election is being played on this side.

You have to be there to win.

And nowhere else,

 ”says Eric Ciotti in

Le Journal du Dimanche


Hulot, the outcast 

Nicolas Hulot publicly accused of sexual assault and rape by several women? It is "

 the fall of Saint Nicolas

 ", formulates the magazine

Le Point

. In this weekly, an environmental activist, who once gave him " 

the good Lord without confession

 ", discovers in him " 

a Dr Jekyll and a Mr Hyde

 ", named after the romantic hero of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Former Minister of Ecology of Emmanuel Macron, ex-television star, ex-figurehead of environmentalists, Nicolas Hulot is now "

 an outcast

 ", underlines

Paris Match

. Which newspaper publishes a survey of other women denouncing in turn alleged sexual assault of which they say they were victims on the part of Nicolas Hulot.

At the turn of the testimonies collected by this magazine (such as that of a " 

former minister of the Jospin government 

" whose daughter "

 accuses Nicolas Hulot of having attacked her


Paris Match

evokes " 

a great friend of Hulot, Patrick Poivre d 'Arvor

 ', also a former television star, to point out that these two had established between them "

 a" point system "for each woman conquered in the audience, both for a waitress, so much for a hostess of the 'air 


The "

 Hulot scandal 


The weekly 


points to " 

a word long ignored 

", that of women who ended up denouncing actions largely ignored by the press.

And knowingly neglected within Europe Ecology-The Greens, political party known for its " 


" in matters of feminism, bids


, while Matthieu Orphelin, close to Nicolas Hulot and who was spokesperson for the candidate Yannick Jadot, has been removed from the campaign of the environmental candidate in the next presidential election, after the outbreak of the Hulot scandal.

A " 

friendship crime

 " denounced by



EELV, Nicolas Hulot and Matthieu Orphelin: party in crisis seeks scapegoat


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