(The spirit of the times shines on Hong Kong) Comment: Mainland Olympic athletes visit Hong Kong to share the glory of Chinese sons and daughters

  China News Service, Hong Kong, December 5th, title: Mainland Olympic athletes visit Hong Kong to share the glory of Chinese sons and daughters

  China News Agency reporter Xiang Luping

  The high-profile Mainland Olympic athletes delegation launched a three-day exchange event in Hong Kong, triggering a wave of enthusiasm.

Su Bingtian, Ma Long, Sun Yiwen, Gong Lijiao... These athletes who have achieved good results in the Tokyo Olympics have not only attracted the attention of the mainland people, but also the Hong Kong people.

As sons and daughters of China, Hong Kong people can share the glory, and their hearts are also full of joy and pride.

  This year's Tokyo Olympics was held under the epidemic. Faced with challenges, the Chinese national team won 38 golds, 32 silvers and 18 bronzes, ranking second on the medal list. The total number of gold medals equaled the 2012 London Olympics and once again created the best overseas Olympic record.

The Hong Kong team of China also made a historic breakthrough, winning 1 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze, creating the best record in the Olympics.

The athletes worked hard and vividly interpreted the Olympic spirit and Chinese sports spirit.

  In fact, since the return of Hong Kong in 1997, the central government will arrange Olympic athletes to visit Hong Kong every time after the Olympics, so that Hong Kong citizens can see their style and feel more cordial and proud of the country's achievements.

Compared with the past, the mainland Olympic athletes' visit to Hong Kong is more significant.

As Hong Kong is achieving a major transition from chaos and governance, the mainland Olympic athletes have brought positive energy and once again injected new momentum into Hong Kong's restart.

  As the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam said when he welcomed the mainland Olympic athletes to visit Hong Kong, Hong Kong is now better equipped to strengthen exchanges with the mainland in all aspects. The central government also strongly supports this, which will definitely help promote Hong Kong's better integration into the country's development. The overall situation is to strengthen Hong Kong people’s sense of identity and pride in the country.

  During this trip to Hong Kong, the mainland Olympic athletes not only brought a wonderful performance to Hong Kong citizens, but also interacted with Hong Kong athletes and citizens, told about their fate with Hong Kong, and encouraged Hong Kong youths to work hard and never give up.

In response, Hong Kong citizens responded enthusiastically. There were places where Olympic athletes appeared, and a large number of audiences presented enthusiastic cheers and applause to the athletes.

  The country is better, Hong Kong is better.

The Chinese national team and the Chinese Hong Kong team can participate in the Olympics together, which is a manifestation of "one country, two systems". The connection between Hong Kong athletes and the mainland is also closer than ever.

There are many coaches from the Mainland of China in the Hong Kong team. They bring the training experience and skills from the Mainland to Hong Kong. Hong Kong athletes will also go to the Mainland to participate in training camps to learn and exchange ideas with the athletes from the Mainland.

  On the field is the opponent, outside the field is the kind "family".

Just like in the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese national team and the Chinese Hong Kong team won the table tennis women’s team gold and bronze medals, and raised the national flag and took a group photo with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region flag. They are also Chinese, and they have done the same for the country. Win glory.

  In 2025, Hong Kong will co-host the 15th National Games with Macau and Guangdong. Hong Kong is also actively preparing for the development of sports.

In the 2021 policy address, it is proposed to set up a Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to design the future development of sports from the top level, and to promote the gradual professionalization and industrialization of sports in Hong Kong.

  "Sports is strong, China is strong, and national sports are prosperous." Sports carries the dream of national prosperity and national rejuvenation. I believe that in this dream, Hong Kong can also contribute its strength and share happiness and glory with all Chinese people.