On Sunday, editor-in-chief Gert-Jaap Hoekman looks back on the week of NU.nl.

What was the main story this week?

What were the editorial discussions about?

This week visitors discussed polarization in society.

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For a year I have been app with an old acquaintance about corona.

He thinks about things quite differently than I do and asks critical questions.

About current events, but also about how we beat them on NU.nl.

Sometimes we argue, sometimes we joke.

Sometimes I can explain things, sometimes he gives me an idea.

Sometimes it is exhausting, often it is enlightening.

In a society that seems to be becoming increasingly polarized, I value these conversations.

And it gave us the idea to organize a theme day about polarization at NUjij.

We offered you the opportunity to discuss with others on the basis of various statements.

Good luck with that, I hear you think.

Every day thousands of people come to our reaction platform NUjij to talk about the news.

Try organizing that.

We wanted to start our day of polarization with a story about how best to start a conversation with someone who has a completely different opinion than you.

However, polarization experts did not want to cooperate, partly because they were afraid that their contribution would lead to even more polarization.

Then we might be further from home than I thought.

“The problem is that I am already attacked during a demonstration, without them knowing what I am doing.”

Bas Scharwachter, video reporter NU.nl

But the day went well.

I have seen beautiful discussions with mutual respect.

The possibility to respond to such a subject in particular already seems to be a step in the right direction.

And perhaps especially because journalists from NU.nl also participated.

For example, our video reporter Bas Scharwachter shared his experiences in a discussion, which will hopefully lead to more understanding.

That discussion was about whether violence against the media should be punished more severely.

According to someone, journalists should also be looked at critically.

"Many journalists are provocative and push the boundaries."

Bas also hears that sound in the places where he does his work.

"That every journalist is just looking for sensation and especially wants to highlight the negative sides. The problem is that I am already attacked during a demonstration, without them actually knowing what I'm doing."

Then it's easy for me to talk, with my WhatsApp conversations.

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