A spot sale of specialty apples was held in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture for the first time in about two years, and the venue was crowded with many people.

The apple spot sale is held every year in front of JR Hachinohe Station at this time, but last year it was canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and this time it was held for the first time in two years.

At the venue, local "San Fuji" and "Shinano Gold", "Orin" in the neighboring southern town, etc. were sold at a cheap price, and an all-you-can-pack corner was set up for 500 yen per bag, so shoppers could I was packing apples in a bag.

There was also a popular contest corner where you could choose from nine types of apple juice, and the tasting people voted for their favorite juice while checking the difference in taste.

A man in his 40s in Hachinohe said, "I bought 15 kilograms of apples for home and gifts. I'm looking forward to eating them."

Hidetada Nejo, who runs the spot sale event, said, "We have a lot of delicious apples from the Hachinohe area, so please come visit us."

This spot sale will be held until 4 pm on the 5th.