[Explanation] Tang Liang, a deaf-mute boy born in 1996, is a takeout rider in Changchun, Jilin Province. Although he will face many difficulties on the way to deliver food, he can still complete more than 30 orders every day.

  December 4th is Saturday, and there are more orders than workdays. Tang Liang rode an electric bike as usual in the cold winter.

  Starting early in the morning, Tang Liang took orders.

He wore a special work clothes-a vest marked "deaf and mute", and started the day's work.

  According to Feng Dejun, the head of the distribution station, some riders will return to their hometowns in winter. Now there are two deaf-mute people in the station. They are "silent knights", shuttled in the streets and alleys.

  It is conceivable that they need to put in more effort than ordinary people to ensure that the order is delivered in time.

Feng Dejun said that in order to complete the work better and more safely, Tang Liang needs to work closely with colleagues in the rear.

  [Concurrent] Feng Dejun, Director of Distribution Station

  Because they can’t speak or hear. When the food is delivered to the customer, the customer’s address is not very accurate. The back-office staff and management personnel communicate with the customer. After the communication is complete, they will talk to the deaf in our house. The dumb people communicated and finally settled in a location. They all gather in the same location. Most of this location is downstairs of the customers.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw that during the delivery of meals, Tang Liang, who was riding an electric bike, had to stop several times in the middle to carefully observe the traffic conditions in order to ride more safely.

  Feng Dejun told reporters that compliance with traffic laws is a prerequisite for work.

  [Concurrent] Feng Dejun, Director of Distribution Station

  They can’t hear all kinds of vehicles honking their horns. We organized a group of deaf-mute people to buy online "Meituan Silent" or "Deaf-mute food delivery" and "I am deaf-mute". Everyone wears the vest with the words, I am very strict (required) to drive on the right to ensure their safety to the greatest extent.

  [Explanation] Now, Tang Liang has become the leader of the "Silent Knights", able to complete the amount of normal riders every day.

  During the break, Tang Liang told reporters via WeChat that the road was cold and slippery in winter, and he hoped that the food delivery would be safe and the food served by customers would be warm.

  Reporter Lu Shengnan Gao Longan reports from Changchun

Editor in charge: [Wu Qingcai]