On the evening of December 2, local time, the German Bundeswehr held a military torch farewell ceremony in Berlin for the outgoing caretaker Chancellor Merkel.

The ceremony is the most solemn ceremony of the German army. It is performed by soldiers holding torches in honor guard formations and military bands.

  Merkel delivered a speech before the ceremony, reviewing major political events since she took office.

She also wished her successor Olaf Schultz good luck and expressed "heartfelt thanks" to everyone.

  Affected by the epidemic, only a few guests were invited to the farewell ceremony and the reception after the ceremony was cancelled.

Nevertheless, Merkel thanked the Bundeswehr for organizing such a farewell ceremony for her, and the Federal Ministry of Defense awarded Merkel a certificate of commendation.

  The German Bundestag announced on December 2nd local time that Germany will formally elect Schultz as the new Federal Chancellor on the 8th. Merkel, who has been in charge of the German government for 16 years, will also formally bid farewell to the Chancellery.

(Producing Sui Zhiyuan)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]