Somaya Al-Alfi: 12 Ahmed miscarried..Farouk was a lot of treachery

The Egyptian artist, Sumaya Al-Alfi, revealed that she had aborted 12 children, and each time she called this child Ahmed, and she did not hesitate to name her child with this name, until Ahmed El-Fishawy was born, because of her strong love for him, as it is the name of her brother and uncle, pointing out that she was strong She is confident that she will be able to conceive.

And she said during her interview with the media, Wafaa Al-Kilani, on the "Al-Sira" program, that her late husband, artist Farouk Al-Fishawi, was a lot of betrayal of her, stressing that "she did not catch him red-handed or trying to catch him cheating on her so as not to hurt his feelings and in order to preserve their dignity, and that Farouk was not He considers that his betrayal of her injures her dignity.”

And she added, "I had a dear friend of mine, who was present on the day a phone came to me and informed me of Farouk's betrayal and the place of betrayal in detail, and my friend was pressing me to call the hotel, until I called and answered the girl who was with him, and then I spoke with Farouk, and I told him... I am talking to you because there are journalists asking me where you are.”

Somaya explained, "His resistance is weak, and the problem is me," noting that she forgave her late husband because of her strong love for him.

Somaya confirmed that Farouk al-Fishawi exchanged love for her for 16 whole years, which is the age of the married life between them, stressing that in the absence of this love, the divorce would have been from the first year of this marriage, and that the fruit of their marriage was represented in their two sons Omar and Ahmed.

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