Last week, Noasis, a tribute band from britpop band Oasis, was getting ready to give a sold-out concert at the Tan Hill Inn, a hotel and restaurant in Yorkshire, north England, when a storm in snow of rare violence raged.

Despite everything, 61 people braved the blizzard to attend the concert.

But surely they had no idea that they would spend the whole weekend stuck in this pub!

Very quickly, the snow blocked the roads and exits of this rather isolated establishment, making it difficult for help to arrive.

But never mind, the group renamed Snowasis for the occasion ("snow" meaning snow in English), saw an unexpected opportunity to get closer to their fans and to celebrate the music that connects them all.

To pass the time, the Noasis, their audience as well as the pub staff took part in quizzes, puzzles, watched films (like



Mamma Mia ! 

, specifies the NME), but above all gave voice while doing karaoke!

Of course, these were mostly songs by the Gallagher brothers.

A good moment

Finally, the Noasis and their fans had to wait until Monday for help to reach the Tan Hill Inn.

“Thanks to everyone for your messages of support and for the camaraderie in the pub.

Thanks to Nicola, the manager and his wonderful team for taking care of us and thanks to Kendal mountain rescue for their assistance.

If we forgot someone, a big thank you to you too!

", They wrote on Twitter.

Asked by the

New York Times

, Nicola Townsend, the manager of the place, also sees the good side of this somewhat particular experience of confinement.

“We had such a great time meeting new friends and getting to know new people,” he said.

Well, this is a weekend the Noasis will not forget.

And four days locked in a pub, this is a program that the real Oases would certainly not have denied!


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