While culinary colleagues go for a test dinner in the Munich gourmet temple Tantris, the only thing left for those who are rather unlucky in the area is a visit to McDonald's in the former working-class district of Giesing.

After all, the fast-food restaurant is the first McDonald's in Germany, opened 50 years ago on December 4th.

A hamburger cost 95 pfennigs back then.

Otherwise there was only cheeseburger, french fries, cola, soda and coffee.

Timo Frasch

Political correspondent in Munich.

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Today McDonald's is the world market leader in burger chains, with more than 38,000 locations around the world, 1,448 of them in Germany. There should be even more: "We are actively looking for new locations," said a McDonald's spokesman for the German press agency. On Friday lunchtime in Giesing, this spirit of optimism rooted in tradition can at least be guessed at. There is no special birthday meal, but the windows and the interior of the anniversary are richly decorated with references to the birthday.

Going to McDonald's is the devil, of course.

Although the franchisor has reduced packaging waste over the decades, it is still useful as a memorial to the idiocy of the human race.

McDonald's also catered to the needs of vegetarians.

For example, they have good milkshakes on offer, and there are organic apple wedges in foil for children.

But what you go to McDonald's for is still the beef, which by the way is processed for consumption in Bavaria, more precisely in Günzburg, which Robert Gernhardt created.

There is no food culture at McDonald's

There is no need to explain what beef means for the global climate. The effects of fast food on physical constitution and potency are not quite as clear. The film "Super Size Me" came to desperate results, but was criticized almost as much for its methodology as Streeck von Drosten. However, there are no two opinions when it comes to food culture. That doesn't exist at McDonald's, especially not for people who stock up on the weekly market in Munich to show their children the calloused hands of the potato farmers from the surrounding area.

Overall, one can say that a McDonald's detour to Tantris Tantra is like a visit to the indoor pool to a vacation at the Bacalar lagoon. But anyone who has ever looked into the shining eyes of children when they storm into the indoor swimming pool or the Giesinger McDonald's for a children's birthday party knows: there is something to it. The cola light lover Markus Söder has also identified the fast food chain as an important sociocosmos and thus as a vaccination partner: As the Bavarian Ministry of Health informed the FAZ, as announced by Söder, there was actually cooperation between the vaccination centers and McDonald’s, for example in Miesbach, Tirschenreuth and Regen.

A few years ago, during the famous “Tuğçe” trial, which revolved around an act on a McDonald’s parking lot in Offenbach, you could already get an insight into how diverse the crowd at McDonald’s is at night.

But not only rockers and night birds feel comfortable under the "Golden M", but also politicians like Roland Koch and Volker Bouffier, who liked to conspire there.

Even the chief reporter for the Süddeutsche Zeitung was once seen in a McDonald's - in conversation with Söder.

A little warmth with the Royal TS

The “Golden M”, which is mostly golden yellow at best, has become the beacon of the highway captains who, at three o'clock in the morning, don't know who their girl is sharing the bed with at home, get a little warmth at the Royal TS. Like so much in life, McDonald's owes its effect not to itself, but to the circumstances: The Giesinger McDonald's is located in the vicinity of a gas station ("Bavaria Petrol"), a laundromat, a "Hamam Anatolia", a bowling alley, a " Wienerwald ”restaurants and the Grünwald stadium. On the other hand, it is difficult to fall away.

The time context also plays into the hands of McDonald's: When the world is out of joint, people find solace in things that are more or less the same everywhere. In any case, it has recently been shown that anything that is at least 40 years old no longer needs justification. "Bet that . .? ”Is the best example - no wonder the presenter once did an advertisement for McDonald's. From a virological point of view, too, fast food could be the food of the hour. In any case, Donald Trump is said to have mainly fed on it because of the standardized production. In addition, the transparency of the preparation, such as the fries, is worth gold these days: It increases confidence, but when you look at the maker, it does not always increase enjoyment.

On Friday lunchtime food was eaten in the car with two children.

The cleaning of the child seat is likely to be more expensive than the meals: they cost 23.06 euros.

The Tantris should imitate that first.