There are a group of "Panda Man" in Wuhan ready to save their sleeves and save people

Donated blood to treat more than 2,000 patients in 3 years

  □ Changjiang Daily reporter Chen Xin and correspondent Xiao Lijiao

  "The rare blood type is a gift from God, and I want to give it to more people in need." Hou Xiaoke, a 31-year-old O type Rh-negative blood type, is excited and proud.

Yesterday, more than 70 "Panda Heroes" from the three towns of Wuhan gathered together. At the biennial Wuhan Rare Blood Type Love Family Association, 158 rare blood type blood donors were commended.

■ 800 "Panda Man" on standby day and night

  Wuhan Rare Blood Type Love Home was established in 2002 as a voluntary mutual aid organization formed by Rh-negative blood type donors in Wuhan.

At the award ceremony, 19 people were awarded the title of "Wuhan Rare Blood Type Love Home Honorary Member", 43 people were awarded the title of "Wuhan Rare Blood Type Love Home Excellent Member", and 96 people were awarded the "Wuhan Rare Blood Type Love Home Enthusiastic Member" title .

  "Rh-negative rare blood type is called panda blood, and this blood type is only 0.3% of the Han population." Shen Jian, the head of the Rare Blood Type Love Home in Wuhan, said that the members have grown from 54 to more than 2,000 at the beginning of its establishment. An emergency support team composed of more than 800 people was formed, ready to donate blood to save people.

"We have almost turned the'rare blood type' into a'common blood type', and built a'life wall' for those with rare blood types in Jiangcheng."

■ Only after donating blood did I know that I was a rare blood type

  A 21-year-old Sichuan girl Chen Junyu, a senior graduate of Huazhong Agricultural University, was awarded the "Wuhan Rare Blood Type Love Home Enthusiastic Member."

  Chen Junyu still keeps the text message that the blood center told her at the time. “I was particularly touched, I felt very special, but also a little worried. Fortunately, I joined the Wuhan Rare Blood Type Love Home, met many like-minded friends, and also obtained the information. A lot of popular science knowledge about rare blood types".

  Hou Xiaoke, who was awarded the "Honorary Member of the Family of Rare Blood Types in Wuhan", is 31 years old this year. In 2016, she donated blood to celebrate her birthday. She accidentally learned that she was O type Rh negative blood.

In the following 5 years, a total of 26 blood donations were made, of which 3,200 ml of whole blood was donated, 33.5 therapeutic doses of platelets were donated, and the cumulative blood donation amount was 9900 ml. "The rare blood type is a gift from God, and I want to give it to more people in need. people".

■ Eat a light diet every day without staying up late, just to be "available on call"

  After learning that their blood type is special, the "Panda Heroes" gradually developed the idea of ​​donating blood on a regular basis.

Since 2018, Chen Junyu has almost never stopped.

  In addition to donating blood, she also became a member of the Benyu Volunteer Service Team of Huazhong Agricultural University and participated in teaching support.

In August of this year, Chen Junyu and her boyfriend registered for organ donation. "It is the rare blood type loving home that gave me strength. I hope to help others in more fields."

  It was learned that during the interval between two whole blood blood donations, Hou Xiaoke started to participate in the blood donation while donating whole blood.

  On January 15, 2021, Hou Xiaoke, who was having lunch in the unit’s cafeteria, suddenly received a call from the blood center, and learned that a patient urgently needed O-type Rh-negative platelets. He immediately rushed to the blood center and successfully donated two therapeutic doses of platelets. Help the patient turn the crisis into peace.

  From that day on, she began to maintain a light diet, and got rid of her previous bad habits such as staying up late and unhealthy eating. Her mobile phone was turned on 24 hours a day. Colleagues said she was "an on-call blood circulation bank".

  According to statistics on October 31, 2021, from 2019 to 2021, there were 2093 rare blood type whole blood donations, a total of 3,515 units (1 unit is 200 ml); blood donations of rare blood type components reached 491 people, reaching 688 This amount of treatment has effectively guaranteed the treatment of more than 2,000 clinical patients.