China News Service, Changchun, December 4 (Gao Longan) Near noon, the order of takeaway rider Tang Liang gradually increased.

When he came to the dining table, he made a gesture to the boss, then quickly took the lunch box, turned and ran to his electric car, the five big words "deaf and dumb takeaway" on his back were particularly conspicuous.

  In Changchun, Jilin Province, there is a take-out team composed of deaf and mute people. The head of the distribution station Feng Dejun gave them a cool name-"Silent Knights". Tang Liang is the current head.

  "There were a dozen people in the team at most. In winter, some riders went back to their hometowns. Now only Tang Liang and Su Riga Latu report to the station every day." Feng Dejun said. Of course, the electric bikes they ride are all in line. Traffic laws.

  When deaf-mute people act as takeaway riders, poor communication is the biggest obstacle.

"They can only send text messages. Sometimes customers make phone calls and they can’t answer, so they will easily receive bad reviews. Customers write wrong addresses, store wrong meals, and encounter traffic jams. They also have to communicate for most of the day. "Feng Dejun said.

  Even so, Tang Liang still likes the job before him.

"Deliver more food and make more money." Tang Liang typed a line of words to the reporter with his mobile phone.

  Before becoming a takeaway rider, Tang Liang worked in a factory. He admitted that the money he earned was not enough to live.

Suri Galatu from Inner Mongolia and Tang Liang had similar experiences, "Delivering food is free, and the factory is often busy until midnight." Suri Galatu knocked on the word.

  Winter is the least favorite season for takeaway riders. It is cold and slippery, and wrestling is common when riding bikes.

In November, Changchun encountered Blizzard and Tang Liang fell down. Fortunately, "No (no) loss. Customers understand that it is not easy for the takeaway rider. I was lucky and the meal did not break."

  Such good luck is not common.

This summer, Tang Liang rode his bike and smashed a dry pot duck head and lost more than 100 yuan to the customer. This fall equaled half of his wages.

  Compared with overtime, bad reviews and "falling meals", Feng Dejun is more worried about their traffic safety.

"Ordinary people only take half a day to a day from trial to work. Deaf-mute people can't hear the sound of the car. They must practice for half a month under the guidance of a master before they can be put on duty with confidence." Feng Dejun also specifically ordered a higher-level company. A batch of vests with the words "deaf and dumb takeaway" and "deaf and dumb takeaway" printed on them. When the driver saw them, he would know that he had taken the initiative to avoid them.

  Although there are many inconveniences, their performance is not worse than that of other riders. In the peak season, one person can run more than 80 kilometers a day, which is equivalent to two marathons, and they can earn seven or eight thousand yuan a month.

"He has won several single-day championships, especially in rain and snow, and ran more than anyone else." Feng Dejun pointed to Su Ri Galatu beside him.

  Efforts paid off.

Su Ri Galatu has his own "small goal"-buying a car and buying a house. Several riders in the station have achieved this "small goal", and he believes he can do the same.

  Tang Liang lowered his head and thought for a while, and typed out a line: "Earning money to support my parents is the most important thing. Buy a house and car and wait for it later." For them, they can exchange their hard work for their families for a better life. , Is the greatest happiness.