Bradley Cooper was the victim of a knife attack.

It was in 2019, just before the pandemic.

The actor had picked up his four-year-old daughter Lea from school and decided to take the metro as usual.

“I used to travel around New York with these headphones on.

It was before the pandemic.

I was on the subway at 11:45 am to pick up Lea from downtown, from the Russian school, and I was threatened by a man with a knife.

It was pretty crazy.

I realized that I had become far too comfortable in the city.

I had let my guard down… I was at the end of the metro… Automatically, I went right to the end of the train.

I felt someone coming.

I thought, 'Oh, they want to take a picture or something,' ”he told Dax Shepard in his

Armchair Expert



More fear than harm

As Bradley Cooper had his headphones on, he heard nothing of what his attacker said to him, who preferred to sheath his gun and flee.

The actor then decided to pursue him with the idea of ​​taking his picture, which he managed to do twice before losing it in the street.

He then found two police officers who were parked in an SUV.

"I'm talking to them, and the guy kept saying 'Did we stab you?'

I would say "No, no."

He asked me to check if I was not injured.

What is happening is people are getting stabbed and they are in shock.

I looked to see if he was right… And then I got back in the metro and picked up my daughter.

It was crazy !

», He concluded.

More fear than harm, therefore, for Bradley Cooper, but things could have turned out badly.

Especially since we will never know if his attacker wanted his wallet or just a selfie!


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