It has been 21 years since the murder of four family members in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo.

On the 4th, the victim's bereaved family gave a lecture online and said, "I sometimes blamed myself for why I couldn't help."

Mikio Miyazawa (44), wife Yasuko (41), eldest daughter Niina-chan (8), eldest son Rei-kun (6) at a house in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo in 2000 and 2000. The case in which four members of the family were found to have been murdered remains unresolved, and it has been 21 years since the outbreak.

On the 4th, Yasuko's older sister, An Irie, who lived next to the scene of the incident at the time, gave a lecture online and said, "I blamed myself for thinking why I couldn't help those children. 6 I couldn't talk about the incident for a year, but I felt the meaning of talking with the support of those around me. "

The Metropolitan Police Department has asked the bereaved family to demolish the house, and discussions are continuing, saying that the house at the site has deteriorated and the evidence of the internal situation has been completed.

Mr. Irie said, "While I have a desire to destroy it, I also have a great conflict as to whether it is okay to destroy it as it is. I want to think with you how to make negative memories."