This morning (the 5th), sub-zero cold continues.

Currently, the temperature in Seoul is below minus 1.9 degrees at this time, but as a cold wind blows, the perceived temperature is about 2 degrees lower than this.

However, from day onwards, the temperature will jump by about 10 degrees and the cold will ease.

After that, there will be no sub-zero cold for a while.

Even on the morning of a holiday, the skies across the country are clear, but there is fog in various places south of Chungcheong, and thin ice is sitting on the road.

The visibility is stuffy and the road is slippery, so pay attention to traffic safety.

From daytime, the fog will disappear and the blue sky will be revealed across the country.

However, since the dry warning is extending to the east coast, you need to be careful about fire accidents.

The daytime maximum temperature will rise to 8 degrees in Seoul, 10 degrees in Daejeon, and 13 degrees in Busan.

This week will be mostly sunny with no major cold weather.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)