Is Heo Kyung-young a religious person or a politician?

In the SBS 'I want to know that' broadcast on the 4th, with the subtitle 'The Sky Palace and the Blue House - What does Heo Kyung-young dream of?', the presidential candidate Huh Kyung-young and his kingdom, the Sky Palace, were highlighted.

Heo Kyung-young, who drew attention with his unconventional and pleasant moves, was no longer a pleasant person for some.

The main character is the family of those who are obsessed with Heo Kyung-young and owe a large amount of debt to support and support him.

People who called Heo Kyung-young a god believed that just looking at Heo Kyung-young's eyes would bring healing and good fortune. So he borrowed a large sum of money to support him.

The families of these people said that it was after they went to the Heavenly Palace that their families began to change.

Heo Kyung-young, who said that he was a god who came down from heaven and came to judge mankind. He previously claimed in 2009 that he was the adopted child of the late Chairman Lee Byung-cheol and that he had decided to marry Park Chung-hee's secret aide, then the Grand National Party leader Park Geun-hye, all of which were false.

And as time went on, he was challenged for the 3rd presidency and was very different from his previous appearance. He claimed to be a newcomer who could heal with superuniverse energy, transcend time and space, make predictions, and extend or shorten human lifespan. He explained that he came from the White Palace, 1.2 billion light-years away to unify the world, as the incarnation of the god who rules the universe.

He was selling superuniverse energy products in a place called the Sky Palace. The blessing that all karma disappears with a single word is 1 million won, and the Baekgung nameplate, a ticket to Baekgung, which is higher than heaven, is 3 million won for one person and 5 million won for two people.

In addition, if they paid 100 million won, they were given the title of an archangel and an archangel name tag, necklace or badge, and the archangel was given the right to stay closer to Heo Kyung-young than anyone else in the heavenly palace.

However, the staff of the Sky Palace issued a strange memorandum to those visiting for the first time. A memorandum that Heo Kyung-young, whom he had never met, had no evidence of sexual harassment, and that he would be punished for innocence if he took issue with it.

Heo Kyung-young, who said that only the tip of his hand can cure illness, said that during the healing time, he held the supporter's head and laid his upper body down and then raised him up, or hitting and hugging or stroking his body hard all over the body.

And he claimed that the sugar cake made with Styrofoam is a mysterious cake that does not rot even though it is made with fresh cream, and this is also thanks to his mysterious energy. He also deceived the eyes of his followers with an O-ring test.

People who fell in love with Heo Kyung-young said that most of them got to know him through YouTube. Heo Kyung-young, who has 5 personal channels alone. An expert said that it is true that his channel, which is updated once every two hours, was made for promotional purposes rather than for profit.

And the expert said that this action was intended to produce a kind of brainwashing effect. Taking advantage of the effect that the brain gets tired of repeating the same story over and over and believes it.

But what is the real reason Heo Kyung-young is running for president by referring to politics?

Heo Kyung-young, who was a businessman, suddenly turned into a politician one day. In the 15th presidential election, the image of a young politician who respected and followed Park Chung-hee was pursued, but it changed drastically from the 17th presidential election.

He made absurd claims and spread strange rumors about himself. And he was even sentenced to prison. At that time, the head of the weekly magazine who helped him and reported the article related to him said that he had asked for the article to be published in the newspaper by handing money to Heo Kyung-young's side. And it was revealed that he was trying to get a nomination and borrow money by raising his awareness.

In the end, Heo Kyung-young, who became famous because of this incident. He then acted like a geek by releasing albums and performing zero-gravity dances, and after that he called himself a rookie.

Chun, who actually sponsored Heo Kyung-young. He was impressed by Heo Kyung-young's knowledge and sponsored it, and he even recommended that those who came to listen to the lecture receive a lecture fee of about 10,000 won. Afterwards, people who wanted to visit Heo Gyungyeong's house started to gather together to walk the Yuryubi, and as the number and scale increased, it was revealed that the present Sky Palace was created. And from that moment on, Heo Kyung-young called himself a rookie from the White Palace.

In response, an expert in the study of heresy religion pointed out that this was the moment that became a turning point for Heo Kyung-young.

The superuniverse energy commodity also coincided with the advent of the celestial palace. He received 1 million won from April of last year and began to give blessings, and registration as an archangel, which costs 100 million won, started six months after that.

And Heo Kyung-young's supporters said that he needed many angels for the presidential election, and encouraged those who visited the heavenly palace to become archangels. The expert said that this could be the subject of legal punishment.

An expert said, "A pseudo-religion can attract money and an organization. You can't give everything to yourself through a political act alone." "If you are attracting people with certain religious methods, they won't leave easily. Even if everyone criticizes them Those people have no choice but to be loyal to the end,” he said, analyzing why he uses religion.

And a religious expert tilted his head, saying, "I don't know whether a politician uses religion or a religious person uses politics, which is correct."

However, Huh's argument was different. He said that he was only running politics with the money he earned using the energy of the newcomer he had.

During the interview, the production team confirmed that a significant number of real estate near the Sky Palace were purchased by Heo Kyung-young and his followers.

So where does this money come from? Sky Palace is making a profit by selling blessings, white palace plaques, archangels, super-universe energy products, and Heo Kyung-young's goods.

The expert was surprised to analyze the financial statement of the Sky Palace. He said, "It's such a business with sales of 9.7 billion won, but operating profit is 9.5 billion won. The bottom line is that it costs almost nothing. Even if you make and sell diamonds with stones, there will be less left than this."

He also pointed out, "I made a lot of money here, so I lent 9.4 billion won to shareholders. But I can't confirm who it went to. It shows a typical offshore company's income statement or statement of financial position."

If so, where did the profits of the heavenly palace go? In response, Mr. Chun revealed an interesting fact. Heo Kyung-young took over several religious foundations. Chun explained, "The people who work here are a religious foundation, so their salaries are free and they are volunteering. So money has to be collected."

In addition, during the interview, it was confirmed that Heo Kyung-young is not only a trustee of the religious foundation, but also the supreme leader, Jong-jeong. He clearly said several times that he was not a headmaster or a religious person, but he was already a religious person.

Therefore, the production team requested an interview to hear the story of Heo Kyung-young. It was a difficult schedule, but in the end, Heo Kyung-young turned it down. And the production team caught Heo Kyung-young leaving the palace in a hurry.

Heo Kyung-young, a religious man who founded a religious corporation, said that he was not a religious person, said he would do politics for the common people, but disappeared in an expensive car worth 600 million won.

Nevertheless, Heo's supporters firmly believed in the promise he would make if he became president.

Are the 33 promises he mentioned feasible?

Accordingly, the expert carefully analyzed his promises.

The amount the state has to pay to individuals is 5,869 trillion won per year, as promised by Huh Kyung-young.

To this end, various methods of raising financial resources have been proposed, but it has been confirmed that they are not feasible.

The expert pointed out, "I said it was for the common people, but in the end it's a promise to deceive the common people. And it's closer to a wish list than a promise."

Supporters who came to Heo Kyung-young with the hope that my family would live in a better world.

Heo Kyung-young, who said that the country does not have money, but has many thieves.

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jung)