As the effects of the new coronavirus have been prolonged, it has become clear that the families of children who have lost their parents due to illness are in a difficult financial situation.

When Ashinaga Ikueikai asked parents of high school students who use scholarships about their income in September, more than 27% answered that they had no income, saying that they needed continuous support. increase.

The survey was conducted from October to November by the Ashinaga Ikueikai, which supports children who lost their parents due to illness or disaster.

The survey was conducted for approximately 4000 parents of high school students who use the Ikueikai scholarship, and 2648 respondents, 66.3%, responded.

As a result, when asked about their income in September, 27.6% answered that they had no income, an increase of 7.3 points from the previous survey three years ago.

In addition, the monthly income for September was 106,485 yen on average, a decrease of 15,61 yen from the survey three years ago.

Many respondents said that one in five people left or changed jobs due to the effects of the new coronavirus, and even if they wanted to work, they could not find a new job.

In addition, when asked in multiple answers about securing living expenses in Corona,

56.7% said that they were withdrawing their savings and insurance,

26.4% said that their children had a part-time job, and they gave their

children club activities and lessons. 7.8% said they quit, and

6.7% said they had their children give up or change their course.

Yoshiomi Tamai, chairman of "Ashinaga Ikueikai" at the press conference, said, "I have been involved in support activities for about 50 years, but this is the first time I have received such a sad voice. I want many people to know the actual situation, even if they don't. "

Many voices are worried about children's advancement to school and the future

According to a questionnaire survey conducted by Ashinaga Ikueikai, many people said that they were worried about their children's advancement to school and their future because the effects of the new coronavirus were prolonged and they lost their jobs and their income decreased significantly.

Regarding work and financial conditions, a mother in her 50s in Osaka said, "I don't know if my child will need to pay nearly 2 million yen a year for education and I don't know if I can borrow it. There is only one. It's hard. "

A mother in her 50s in Miyagi Prefecture said, "Because of Corona, my main job has decreased, and I have been working part-time at supermarkets since the beginning of last year. I asked my child to work part-time and managed to do it every month. This is the end of the survivor's pension. I will not be worried about my life after that. "

In addition, a mother in her 50s in Hiroshima Prefecture, who said her child was preparing to take the university entrance exam, said, "I was forced to quit my job by Corona. I am looking for a job, but I was sick because I was worried about what to do. I'm brightening so that I don't realize my worries. "

A mother in her 40s in Miyazaki Prefecture said, "I applied for welfare and my income was finally stable, but I need to cut it down as before until I finish paying the rent and utilities that I had been delinquent before. I think it will be a while, but the deadline for payment of tuition fees is mercilessly approaching. It is very strict. "

A woman who raised three children "I lost my place"













However, it is still insufficient, and women continue to be wondering how to secure living expenses and school expenses because there is no prospect of resuming work.

The woman said, "There is no place to talk about it, and there is no one to listen to. From now on, I will have to pay for my own treatment, and I do not know how far my body will move even after the treatment is over. Since I have no relatives, I can't set up a guarantor, and I can't borrow money from banks, so I often feel that I've lost my place. I want you to know more about some families that you can't do anything on your own. I want you to become a society that can support each other. "

This year's scholarship usage is 1.5 times that of 2018

While the effects of the new coronavirus continue, the number of university students and high school students who use the scholarship of "Ashinaga Ikueikai" is 8325 this year, which is about 1.5 times that of 2018, three years ago.

The scholarships offered this year are expected to reach 6.3 billion yen, the highest ever.

Every year, Ashinaga Ikueikai uses the funds collected from the spring and autumn street fundraising nationwide, as well as by calling for donations and returning scholarships, to scholarships for students and exchange activities for children.

However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the nationwide street fundraising was forced to be canceled last year and in the spring of 2020.

For this reason, the reserve fund for emergencies was reduced to 4 billion yen last year and this year.

Ashinaga Ikueikai has resumed fund-raising activities on the streets in light of the increasing number of scholarship applications and the calm infection situation, and on December 11th in Tokyo and Kanazawa.

On the 12th, we plan to call for donations at 10 locations, including Sapporo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

University students calling for donations on the streets also attended today's press conference, and Ryu Horikawa, a fourth-year university student who uses scholarships, said, "A little bit of people who can widely convey and support the voices of children and parents who have difficulty living. I want to increase it. "