(Fighting against new crown pneumonia) The Manzhouli epidemic may have affected 4 provinces and 6 places, and the enterprises involved in the Dalian epidemic have violated the law

  China News Service, Beijing, December 3, Comprehensive news: China’s National Health Commission announced on the 3rd that 96 new confirmed cases were confirmed in mainland China on the 2nd, of which 16 were imported from abroad and 80 were local cases (involving 6 provinces including Inner Mongolia and Yunnan) ).

There were 24 new cases of asymptomatic infections, of which 14 were imported from abroad and 10 were from local people (all in Yunnan Province).

  As of 24:00 on the 2nd, there are 972 confirmed cases in Mainland China, a total of 4636 deaths, and a total of 98,993 confirmed cases have been reported.

There are currently 416 confirmed cases imported from abroad, and a total of 10,227 confirmed cases, with no deaths.

  Manzhouli epidemic may have affected all communities in 4 provinces and 6 places under control

  In Manzhouli City, Inner Mongolia, 56 new local confirmed cases were added on the 2nd, and 24 local confirmed cases were added from 0:00 to 14:00 on the 3rd.

As of 14:00 on the 3rd, Manzhouli had reported a total of 263 local confirmed cases in this epidemic.

  From the discovery of 3 positive cases on November 27, the Manzhouli epidemic has spread to Manzhouli City, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia (2 cases confirmed), Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province (1 case confirmed), and Harbin City (10 cases confirmed) within a week. In Haidian District, Beijing (1 case confirmed), 3 provinces and 5 locations, the new cases reported in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province on the evening of the 3rd may also be linked to the Manzhouli epidemic.

  Manzhouli City held a press conference on the 3rd and stated that as of 14:00 on the 3rd, the fifth round of large-scale nucleic acid testing in Manzhouli had collected nearly 180,000 samples, 22 cases have been confirmed, and other positive cases are pending clinical review.

From 8 am on the 3rd, Manzhouli City has carried out the sixth round of large-scale nucleic acid testing for all employees.

Currently, the city’s existing 414 communities and 176 bungalows are under control.

  The overall risk of Beijing's epidemic is controllable. New cases in Shijiazhuang may be linked to Manzhouli

  A new local confirmed case in Beijing on the 2nd was a related case of the Manzhouli epidemic (a close contact of the confirmed case in Harbin).

This is also the first local confirmed case in Beijing after a lapse of 16 days.

  Beijing held a press conference on the 3rd, saying that after two years of epidemic prevention and control, Beijing has mature prevention and control practices and efficient mechanisms to ensure it.

After receiving the close contact investigation form from other places, the Beijing prevention and control department took immediate action, carried out scientific research, accurately classified the management and control, and announced the information in a timely manner.

At present, the overall risk of the epidemic is controllable.

  Two newly confirmed local cases in Shanghai on the 2nd were a pair of mother and daughter who came to Shanghai from other places.

Shanghai said at a press conference held on the same day that these two cases have not been found to be related to the previous epidemic in Shanghai, but it did not disclose where the cases came from or the source of the virus.

  Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province reported on the evening of the 3rd that 4 local confirmed cases were found in Luquan District of the city that day, all of which were workers from a certain construction site.

One of them was a close contact of personnel from Dongshan Street (high-risk area) in Manzhouli.

  Harbin adds 10 medium-risk areas, and Longchuan, Yunnan, has been upgraded to a high-risk area

  In Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, there were 10 newly confirmed local cases on the 2nd, all of which were related to the Manzhouli epidemic.

Starting at 0:00 on the 3rd, 10 places in Nangang District, Xiangfang District and Daowai District where the above-mentioned cases are located have been adjusted to medium-risk areas.

  Affected by the epidemic, the Harbin Ice and Snow Expo, originally scheduled to be held from December 17 to 20, 2021, will be postponed to March 2022.

  In Yunnan Province on the 2nd, there were 10 newly confirmed local cases and 10 asymptomatic infections, all from Longchuan County, Dehong Prefecture.

Longchuan County held a press conference on the 3rd to introduce that on December 2, the county's Zhangfeng Complete Middle School found 2 students as local confirmed cases during the daily health monitoring of teachers and students.

Subsequently, in the nucleic acid test of close contacts in the centralized isolation management, 8 confirmed cases and 10 asymptomatic infections were detected.

  At present, Longchuan County has carried out regional and hierarchical management and control.

17 schools in the main urban area were completely closed. The Zhangfeng Complete Middle School where the case was found, all teachers and students were transferred and quarantined.

Since 9 o'clock on the 3rd, Longchuan County has been adjusted to a high-risk area.

So far, there are currently 7 high-risk regions in Mainland China, and the other 6 are in Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia.

  New local cases in Xianyang involved in cold chain enterprises illegally committed by Dalian epidemic are close contacts of imported cases from abroad

  As of December 2, Dalian City had no new local confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections for 5 consecutive days, and there were no new cases in the society for 13 consecutive days.

  Dalian officials stated that through hard work, Dalian’s epidemic has achieved "zero spillover", "zero death", and "zero sense of hospitality". At present, the epidemic prevention and control has entered the stage of ending the epidemic, and victory is in hand.

  Officials revealed that preliminary investigations showed that the Dalian epidemic was a case of cold chain enterprises breaking the law and concealing the truth, related agencies engaged in fraud, perfunctory responsibilities, supervisors seriously neglected their duties, and imported contaminated cold chain foods infect Dalian Keqiang Food Co., Ltd. The company's first station of designated cold storage employees, and then introduced into the society caused a major epidemic spread.

The Dalian Municipal Party Committee will severely crack down on it in accordance with the law, hold accountable responsibility, and convict guilty convictions, and will never tolerate accommodation.

  A new local confirmed case in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province on the 2nd was a close contact of an imported confirmed overseas case who had just ended the quarantine period. The two were married.

  According to the Xianyang Municipal Health Commission, the residential area of ​​the couples of the above cases has been controlled and their residential buildings have been sealed off.

As of 12:00 on the 2nd, a total of 90 local close contacts and 161 close contacts had been identified, all of which have been controlled.