Europe 1 2:33 p.m., December 3, 2021

Every weekend from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Laurent Mariotte and his team invite listeners from Europe 1 to discover the products of our regions and their book of culinary advice.

He invites personalities (singers, actors, writers, designers, etc.) to his tables who come to share the pleasures of friendly and accessible cuisine.

He receives, this Saturday, Riad Sattouf and, this Sunday, Thomas Dutronc and Laurent Ballesta.

  • Saturday, December 4 - The table of good living:

Laurent Mariotte and his team welcome the cartoonist Riad Sattouf, who will present his new comic entitled "'The young actor - volume 1 Adventures of Vincent Lacoste in the cinema", released on November 4th.

This Saturday, La table des bons vivants will also set off to explore a market in Alsace.

The opportunity to evoke Alsatian culinary culture and to discover the tastes of the week.

A report from Henri Mamet devoted to Mont d'Or will also be offered to listeners.

The dossier of the week will return to traditions.

Arthur Le Caisne, artistic director and creator of objects, author of many books dedicated to the kitchen will wonder if they are always right?

Finally, Ophélie Neiman will present a column on Syrian wine and Olivier Poels will reveal to listeners his ideal corkscrew!

  • Sunday December 5 - The Sunday table:

Around a convivial lunch, the listeners will be able to discover under another angle, the singer Thomas Dutronc who will confide at the microphone of Laurent Mariotte. On this occasion, he will present his new concert tour "Dutronc & Dutronc", in collaboration with his father Jacques Dutronc. Photographer and director Laurent Ballesta, winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year grand prize, will share their table this Sunday.

About La Table des bons vivants: Laurent Mariotte surrounds himself with bon vivant for a program about everyday cooking: whether they are chefs, artists or intellectuals, they have in common this passion for eating well and share it during 1h30 with listeners from Europe 1. Gourmet walks through the markets and among producers, simple recipes and advice close to the concerns of listeners… the unmissable event for gourmets!

About the Sunday Table: The Sunday table will transcribe the atmosphere of a Sunday lunch around a guest to discover it from another angle.

Friendliness, humor, confidence, exchange and the unexpected.

As a common thread, a chef will execute a recipe of his choice.

The discussion with the guest will be punctuated by discussions with the cook, but also with surprise guests, artisans of taste and a recurring guest, the critic Emmanuel Rubin;

he will distill his favorites and his rants around gastronomy and news.