A sensation of an all-Ukrainian scale. Speaking at the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy suddenly revealed "the whole truth and nothing but the truth" - without PR fog, without fanfare and other tricks from the sphere of show business. Are you overwhelmed to the core? I, to be completely frank, too. But Zelensky has an excuse: he didn't want to, honestly didn't want to. The truth-womb about where Ukraine is moving under his control escaped from Vladimir Alexandrovich quite by accident.

Since such a case with Zelensky can be called unique without any exaggeration, I'll start from the very beginning. The President presented in parliament one of the chips of his electoral program - the economic passport of a Ukrainian. The essence of this idea, which has been in political suspended animation since the 2019 presidential elections, is as follows. In Ukraine, a Fund for the Future is being created, which, if the relevant legislative act is adopted, will receive 1% of the sale of all minerals extracted in the country. For almost the next two decades, this egg-box should only be replenished. But when those who are born on the territory of Ukraine after January 1, 2021 and continue to live in this state, turn 18, the Fund for the Future will turn into the Fund for the Present. According to the president's idea,the lucky youngsters will be able to spend money from this fund for higher education.

The idea is in the style of Khoja Nasreddin, who firmly promised to teach his donkey to speak, hoping that “in twenty years either the padishah will die or the donkey will die”. In 2039, the presidency of Vladimir Zelensky will already be a distant history. If the advertised Fund of the Future, like almost all of Zelensky's other ideas, turns out to be a mess, the current head of state will definitely not be responsible for this. Zelensky hoped to cut the PR dividends right here and right now. But, as I said above, everything did not go according to plan.

The head of state solemnly proclaimed: “Upon reaching the age of majority, our children will be able to use this money for education, education in Ukraine, dear politicians.

Or buying your own life! "

Let's be fair to Vladimir Zelensky.

The President is not going to officially introduce a system of power in Ukraine based on the "pay or die" principle.

Our dear Vladimir Alexandrovich only made a reservation.

Wanting to talk about the possibility of buying his own home, he used the wrong word.

And so it happened that future generations of Ukrainians were generously given the opportunity to buy back their own lives from the state.

Well, we are all human, we are all human.

And people sometimes make mistakes and make a reservation.

Politicians and leaders of states are no exception.

Yes, presidents, unlike us mere mortals, have many assistants for all occasions. But that doesn't make them robots. What then are my complaints about the Zelensky clause? The fact that he got a slip of the tongue according to Freud. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has just called his Ukrainian counterpart a "random person" in politics. I agree with this assessment 100%. Vladimir Zelensky is a person in the wrong place. As a result, Ukraine under his leadership is marching from one disaster to another. Having written this phrase, I wondered: have I built the logical chain correctly? Politics and public administration are not an exact science, where B necessarily follows from A, and C necessarily follows from B.

Bad luck, unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, natural disasters, sins of predecessors - all this can break off the luck of even the most competent servants of the people. A classic example. Calvin Coolidge, who served as President of the United States from 1923-1929, was a zero manager and an even more zero speaker. As the famous American political legend says, once at a dinner party, a lady sitting next to Coolidge addressed him with a tearful prayer: "Mr. President, I bet with my friends that I can get more than two words out of you!" The head of America answered her: "You have failed!"

Coolidge's approach to governing the country was even more minimalist. He did not come up with special initiatives, intervened in little and preferred to go with the flow. However, Coolidge's presidency coincided with an era of economic prosperity and sustained growth. Therefore, Silent Cal (almost the official nickname of the head of state) enjoyed considerable popularity among the electorate. But in 1929, a person of a completely different kind became the president of the United States. Herbert Hoover was a great manager, talented and active politician. But only a few months after his arrival in the White House, America was hit by a combination of many different factors, the Great Economic Depression. And Hoover, being in the epicenter of the planetary maelstrom, could do nothing about it.

Maybe Zelenskiy was also just unlucky? If so, then, unlike Hoover, he himself is the architect of his own bad luck. Who, for example, forced official Kiev to destroy its relations with Belarus? Maybe aliens did it? There were no such malevolent aliens. For some reason, Vladimir Zelensky himself did all the work for them. And so everywhere. For some reason, the current president of Ukraine organized artificial, man-made disasters in all possible spheres of government.

And this makes me put forward a frightening hypothesis.

What if Zelensky didn't make a reservation?

What if he accidentally opened the veil of secrecy surrounding his plans for the future?

Nonsense, do you think?

I really hope that this is the case.

But let's keep our fingers crossed just in case.

As long as Volodymyr Zelenskiy runs Ukraine, such precautions are certainly not redundant.

The point of view of the author may not coincide with the position of the editorial board.