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Pip Pellens and her partner have been together for nine years and they celebrate that with a snack at the place where they were married.

The actress also combines the romantic day with a sponsor deal.

"Today we celebrated our 9th anniversary with a delicious lunch at the place where we got married."

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New in Meerdijk

Jada Borsato has happy news: the daughter of Leontine and Marco can now be seen in 

Good Times, Bad Times


She does not say how long she will be in the soap, but she does say that her character is called Abby.

6 hours ago

A nice half year

Viewers of 

Het Perfecte Plaatje

already know: Bridget Maasland had to leave the match on Wednesday.

Georgina Verbaan looks back on Instagram on a beautiful six months with the presenter and Maasland responds to that.

"Dear, it was also one of my longer relationships!" Maasland jokes under the photo.

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getaway Britney Spears and her fiancé Sam Asghari took a plane to a foreign destination to celebrate her birthday. Spears turned forty on Thursday and, in addition to that happy fact, she especially celebrates that she has been released from the thirteen-year curatorship of her father Jamie. 

"Oh, what a beautiful day today," Spears writes. "I am so very happy to be able to leave the country again, I feel blessed." It is not yet shared which destination is on the program.

At the time of the curatorship, it was Jamie Spears who decided whether his daughter could go on holiday and where.

She was occasionally allowed to go to Hawaii, which belongs to the United States.

Now the artist can decide for herself where she wants to go, for how long and with whom.

yesterday at 17:30

Most intense ever

Dave Roelvink participates in the first season of

Special Forces VIPS


"By far the most intense thing I've ever done. What an experience," the reality star writes on Instagram.

yesterday at 11:23

Back to the past

Telephones nowadays regularly remind you of the past in the form of a photo.

Beau van Erven Dorens came across this snapshot in which his four sons are still young.

The presenter is emotional.

yesterday at 07:50

Party with Madonna and Dua Lipa

Madonna and Dua Lipa have teamed up for a remix of Dua Lipa's hit 


 and get along well outside the recording studio.

The singers enjoy martinis at a party.

yesterday at 05:54

Eight years dead

Paul Walker passed away on November 30, 2013, but the actor is still part of their lives every day for his close friends.

Vin Diesel

reminisces and catches up with the actor

on the anniversary of his

Fast & Furious


's death 


Walker's daughter Meadow asked Vin Diesel's daughter to be her bridesmaid and best man, an emotional moment for all involved.

Tuesday at 19:16


Splinter Chabot is enjoying a wonderful snow holiday in the Swiss mountains.

But the snow threatens to play tricks on him during a solo walk.

Because of the snow he can no longer find the path.

Fortunately, getting lost doesn't last very long.

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Tuesday at 18:36


It was a rainy day on Tuesday and Olcay Gulsen also let us know on Instagram.

She also failed a driving test.

Fortunately, it was only a test for a television program on SBS6.

Tuesday at 13:07


Ali B is grateful for the support he received after he was robbed of his watch in front of his home in Almere last week.

"Thank you for all the support over the past few days," writes Ali Bouali, as the rapper is called in full, with a photo of himself on Instagram.

He closes the message with a red heart.

Tuesday at 10:00

12.5 years married

Dinand Woesthoff and his wife Lucy reached a special milestone today: the couple has been married for 12.5 years.

Lucy writes on Instagram how happy she is that she can celebrate the copper wedding with her husband.

Tuesday at 07:51

Tips are welcome

Freek Vonk has just returned from Namibia and has to be quarantined because of the omikron variant of the corona virus.

To prevent boredom, he asks his followers for movie tips.

Tuesday at 05:23

Let it go

Barbra Streisand proudly watches her granddaughter celebrate her third birthday.

It doesn't just pass by: the day has to be spent in an Elsa costume.

The girl feels like a Disney princess for a moment.

Monday at 19:23

Lieke couldn't wait

It's not December yet, but Lieke van Lexmond's Christmas tree is already decorated.

"Couldn't wait this year. Love!" she wrote on Instagram.

Monday at 19:23

Monday at 16:56

Not funny

Jochem Myjer's wife can't always laugh at his jokes.

On Twitter he writes: "I am having lunch with my wife, I see a truck with the text 'the vet collection service' drive by. In retrospect I should have kept my mouth shut, because she hasn't spoken to me for an hour and a half. "

The comedian has already taken precautions.

"Have already made up the bank," he writes.

Myjer closes with the hashtag #weetwhenneerjemoetzwijgen.

Monday at 13:02

Slightly Injured

John Hope on Monday suffered a slight injury.

He posted a photo on Instagram showing a wound on his nose.

"Injured after a collision with the car door," explains the

RTL Breakfast news


Monday at 11:05

Back in the country

Freek Vonk returned to the Netherlands on Monday morning without any problems.

The TV biologist, who has been in Namibia in recent days, is now obliged to quarantine due to the new measures surrounding the omikron variant of the corona virus.

"We're back," Vonk writes on Instagram with a photo in which he stands next to the KLM aircraft with which he flew to the Netherlands.

"Going home, quarantine in," he continues cheerfully.

Monday at 10:02

This is wealth

Jandino Asporaat is expecting his third child soon and tells his followers that his family is the most important thing.

"When I talk about wealth, I mean this," he writes with a family portrait.

Monday at 05:29

Taking a gamble

Georgina Verbaan and her daughter have already installed the Christmas tree and are taking a big gamble: the colorful creation is on a cat furniture.

Let's just hope none of the cats want to sit there for a while.

Monday at 05:25

An annual fight

How do you do that, if one likes subtle and the other likes hysterical?

If we are to believe Leco van Zadelhoff, one of them always loses out: he prefers not to see the Christmas tree too full, but his partner likes to have it as full as possible.

This year the tree is completely full again and Van Zadelhoff is the loser.

Monday at 05:25

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