(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Macau changes the calculation method of confirmed cases of the new crown, isolation measures remain unchanged

  China News Service, Macau, December 2 (Reporter Long Tuyou) The Macau Novel Coronavirus Infection Response Coordination Center announced on the 2nd that in order to facilitate Macau’s prevention and control measures and the mainland’s connection, from now on, Macau will adopt the “New Coronavirus” formulated by the State Council. The classification and definition of new coronary pneumonia cases in the Virus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Plan (Eighth Edition) separates statistics and announcements of asymptomatic infections of new coronaviruses and confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia.

  Liang Yihao, coordinator of the Infectious Disease Control and Disease Surveillance Department of the Health Bureau, said that although the method of calculating confirmed cases has changed, the isolation measures for symptomatic or asymptomatic infections remain unchanged, and the infected persons will still be required to go to medical treatment. Institutional diagnosis and treatment and medical observation at designated locations will not be allowed to enter the Macau community until the nucleic acid test result is negative and isolation after the rehabilitation period.

  The new coronavirus variant Omi Keron has recently appeared in various countries around the world and has attracted the attention of all countries.

Liang Yihao said that according to the information of the World Health Organization, it is still uncertain whether the variant new crown virus Omi Keron is more infectious than other variants of the new crown virus, or whether it will cause more serious illness. Macau health authorities will continue Pay close attention to the incident.

She emphasized that the health authorities of Macau have the ability to sequence genes and can detect whether the virus variant is Omi Keron or other variants.

  As of December 2nd, Macau has had no new confirmed cases for 54 consecutive days. A total of 77 confirmed cases have been cured and discharged from the hospital. There have been no deaths and no medical staff have been infected.