The treatments reserved for pigs in a farm in the Aube providing the leader of the Herta charcuterie were denounced by the association for the defense of animals L214, in a video broadcast Wednesday evening where we see in particular the blows to animals .

In the images, shot in August and September 2021 according to the association, a man is filmed carrying a series of dry blows on the back of a sow using a plastic instrument.

A guide to good practices

Earlier, another slams the heads of two piglets to the ground to kill them, a practice tolerated if the animals are dying. We then see him throwing live piglets unceremoniously into a plastic container to practice with his colleague interventions often observed in breeding: section of the tail to prevent it from being eaten by fellow creatures, trimming of the teeth to limit the inflicted injuries. to other piglets and to the udders of sows.

According to L214, the farm belongs to the company Promontval which has nearly 20,000 pigs (including nearly 1,500 sows - the national average is 250 - and their descendants) on two sites and recently obtained authorization to expand.

She is involved, according to the association, in the “Préférence branch” of Herta.

In this sector, "our breeders undertake to respect a guide of good practices", underlines on its site the leading brand of charcuterie in France.

L214's "relentlessness"

In a statement released shortly before the video was made public, the company said it had been informed "of the imminent publication of a video against a pig farm."

It indicates that it “will analyze this video, as soon as it has access to the images, and will launch an audit”.

"If breaches of the rules were indeed to be noted in this breeding, Herta will know how to draw all the consequences", adds the group, while deploring "the relentlessness of L214 against the breeding".

The association announces that it is filing a complaint for "mistreatment of animals and consumer deception with the prosecutor of Troyes".

Requested, the Ministry of Agriculture and the prosecutor's office in Troyes had not followed up on Wednesday evening.

The Aube prefecture did not wish to communicate.

Two other previously targeted farms

L214 has already targeted a Herta de l'Allier “Preference sector” farm in two videos published in late 2020 and early 2021. Herta had suspended its supplies “as a precaution” after the first video.

The group had taken them back after an internal audit and after the local health authorities had concluded that the farm was "in good condition and that there was no major non-conformity".

However, the authorities had asked for "corrective measures" in terms of watering, reduction of the density or replacement of the slatted floors.

The breeder must appear on January 26 before the criminal court of Moulins for mistreatment of animals, "storage of dead animals for more than 24 hours in an unrefrigerated depot", and deprivation of food, in particular.

He risks a fine and a ban.


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