Erica Renkema has responded on social media to the fuss that has arisen after the publication of her biography.

The reality star made some comments in her book about Islam and headscarves, after which various companies ended the collaboration with her.

Now Renkema says that a "distorted pronunciation" has arisen.

In the book Renkema speaks critically about various faiths, including Islam.

According to the reality star, Muslim families are losing a lot of talent because the women are still "eternally doomed to clean and bear children", the biography read.

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of commotion about the statement "Buck off dude, with your burqa. I once saw three of those penguins walking in Noordwijk, that's not normal, is it?"

It led to companies such as Hallmark, Nivea and Emma Matras ending the partnership with the family.

Renkema now says that three words have been highlighted and blown up, but does not specify which words are involved.

She does say that this has caused a distorted pronunciation and has caused a snowball effect.

"A result of this is that our daughter Maxime was commercially boycotted by various companies. The right to freedom of expression has always been a great asset in the Netherlands. For that reason, many people seek and find a place in Dutch society. The many statements of support I have received show that the Netherlands is very divided when it comes to criticism of Islam," said Renkema.

"My approach has always been, and always will be: to stand up for women's rights," she also writes, referring to a link to the chapter in which she speaks out about Islam.