On November 30, an F16 fighter belonging to the US military Misawa base in Misawa City, Aomori Prefecture, dumped a fuel tank during flight and a part of it fell near a residential area. It turned out that he had explained that the pilot decided that it would be difficult to fly and dumped it because he was warned that the oil pressure of the engine continued to drop as he headed for training.

On November 30, an F16 fighter at Misawa Air Base, an American military aircraft that made an emergency landing at Aomori Airport, dumped two fuel tanks before landing, one of which fell near a residential area in Fukaura Town, Aomori Prefecture.

Regarding this trouble, on the 1st, the U.S. military warned Misawa City that "when taking off from the base for training and flying west, the engine oil pressure continues to drop, making it difficult for pilots to fly. I decided that it would be possible, and after confirming the condition on the ground according to the manual, I dumped it. "

According to the city, the U.S. military manual also explains that if an engine trouble occurs during flight, the fuel tank will be dumped on the surface of the water or on the ground where there is no house in order to lighten the aircraft. It means that there was.

In response to this trouble, the US military has set up an accident investigation committee to investigate the cause and is rushing to confirm another fuel tank that has not been found yet.