The union's central organization, the Union, has officially decided to demand a total wage increase of about 4% in the spring battle next year, which is equivalent to a regular salary increase and a "base increase."

The "Union" is a central organization of a labor union with about 7 million members. A central committee was held in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture, and representatives of prefectural labor unions participated.

In this, Chairman Yoshino said, "Japan's wages have hardly increased and are in a low position among developed countries, so it is hard to say that proper distribution has been made to workers. We need to be willing to invest, and all trade unions should work to raise wages. "

Then, opinions were exchanged on next year's spring fighting policy, and after securing regular salary increases according to age and years of service, wages will be raised by about 4% in total as a portion equivalent to "base up" to raise the basic salary. We have officially decided on the required policy.

According to the Union, the request for "base up" will be the 9th consecutive year.

In addition, labor and management can conclude an agreement, and the goal is to raise the "minimum wage within the company" that applies to all employees working in the same workplace to 1150 yen or more per hour.

Based on this policy, labor unions that are members of the "Union" are supposed to submit a request to management by the end of February next year in principle.

The "Union" has set a policy of demanding a wage increase of about 4% in this spring battle, but the average wage increase rate of affiliated unions was 1.78%, falling below 2% for the second consecutive year.

In the next spring battle, the focus will be on whether we can expand the flow of distributing corporate profits as wages to workers.