China News Online, December 1 (Yin Liqin, Yang Xiaojun) Since the launch of the "Lijian No. 1" special operation, the Huangpu Public Security Branch of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau has stepped up its efforts to investigate and crack down on cases related to people's livelihood.

Recently, the Huangpu police cracked a serial theft of business through careful investigation and arrested the suspect Pan.

  On the morning of November 7th, Miss Ke working at a milk tea shop in a shopping mall in Huangpu District, Shanghai, found that a mobile phone used for collecting money was missing. It was found that more than 50 yuan of change was missing in the cash register.

At this time, the shop had just opened, and there were no customers patronizing. Just as Miss Ke was wondering, she suddenly heard several nearby shops noisy...

Surveillance video of the suspect committing a criminal act.

Photo courtesy of Huangpu Public Security

  It turned out that at the same time that Miss Ke discovered that the shop was stolen, the salespersons of many shops in the mall also discovered this situation.

In some stores, the mobile phone was stolen, and in others, the reserve money in the cash register was stolen.

In total, several merchants had 2 mobile phones and more than 2,250 yuan in cash was stolen.

Miss Ke and others immediately contacted the police to report the incident.

  After receiving the report, the police from the local Nanjing East Road Police Station rushed to the scene, and through public videos provided by several shops, they targeted a suspicious man in black.

From 6 am to 7 am on the day of the incident, it was this man in black who broke into multiple semi-open shops for theft.

  After careful investigation, the truth emerged. The suspect Pan had actually worked in the stolen mall before, so he was more familiar with the internal environment.

The day after the incident, the police arrested Pan near his temporary residence in Pudong.

At present, the criminal suspect Pan has been detained by Huangpu police on suspicion of theft, and the case is under further investigation.