Popular singer: “Festivals” singers are beggars and bad history on the forehead of Egyptian art

Popular singer Simsim Shehab supported the decisions of the Syndicate of Musical Professions to stop some singers from folk festivals from singing in Egypt, pending legalization of their conditions and their entry into musicians’ exams, in addition to the parliament’s approval of recently granting judicial control to the syndicate.

Sesame Shehab wrote on his personal account on “Facebook”: The People’s Assembly’s vote on the decision of the judicial police of the professional syndicates is an explicit declaration of the intention of the Egyptian state for real cleansing. Hani Shaker and the Board of Directors.

And Sesame Shehab continued, in the comments on his personal account on Facebook: God suffices, and he is the best agent in everyone who caused your spread and incursion among the youth. Egyptian art forehead.

Shehab continued: "What did they do other than money, but we are the name, respect and history of art that will live by God's command... Focus well and you will find that they are just a state of mob and clamor and not art and rapture."

Shehab added, in response to his comparison with singers of popular festivals: "Men's colleagues.. countries are shamans and beggars, and there are two countries of the age of my children.. I am only my colleagues from the respected generation."

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