For Olivier Véran, all French people eligible for the vaccine booster will be able to receive their 3rd dose of anti-Covid vaccine on time.

Thus all the necessary injections can take place within "seven to eight weeks", and the date of January 15, when the health pass will be invalidated for lack of a booster dose seven months after the previous dose, is not in question. , according to the Minister of Health.

Despite the current difficulties of the French in finding a niche for their vaccine booster reflect a "normal bottling effect", because "18 million French people have, overnight, been called upon to receive a vaccine booster", and this cannot be done in a week, observed Olivier Véran during a press briefing in Paris.

"No logistical difficulty"

Since the announcement Thursday that all adults were now eligible for a booster dose, nearly five million people have already made an appointment, said the minister. Every day, "hundreds of thousands of available slots are opened again, so that we can operate just in time," he said. For Olivier Véran, "there is no logistical difficulty" likely to prevent the smooth running of this recall campaign, which aims at a "firewall effect" against the fifth wave of the epidemic.

To achieve this, "I asked for the opening of 300 additional (vaccination) centers (and) the reactivation of additional vaccination lines in existing centers," said the Minister.

He recalled the possibility also of making an appointment in town.

In addition, "we have enough Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in stock" and further deliveries are planned, he added.

Pharmacists better paid on weekends

To encourage the 15,000 pharmacists carrying out injections to "remain open as much as possible on weekends", an increase of five euros per injection carried out at the end of the week will be granted to them.

The same measure will be applied for nurses who vaccinate at home (including during the week), in order to facilitate the protection of those over 65 and to "thank the nurses for their great mobilization".

Asked about the possibility of making vaccination compulsory, as Germany is about to do, the minister said "understand" that "some countries may ask the question", but recalled that it was "not the choice that France has made ”.

"Who says obligation says control and sanction" and the "feasibility" of an obligation "is not obvious," said Olivier Véran.

With "more than 90% of the vaccineable population being vaccinated", France, which has favored "very strong incentives" such as the health pass, has also achieved vaccination coverage "much greater than the countries which are question ”as to a possible obligation, he noted.


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