On November 30, the Ministry of Defense announced on December 1 after an F16 fighter belonging to the US military Misawa Air Base in Aomori Prefecture made an emergency landing at Aomori Airport after dumping a fuel tank during flight. , Held a meeting of executives.

In this, Minister of Defense Kishi asked the United States to not fly F16 fighters until safety was confirmed, and to provide sufficient information to the Ministry of Defense and the local community, and with the United States. We instructed them to work closely together to collect and analyze information and take all possible measures.

In addition to dispatching Deputy Minister Oniki to the site, the Ministry of Defense is extremely regrettable that the director of the Oka Regional Cooperation Bureau may have a serious impact on the safe and peaceful lives of the residents to the commander of the U.S. Forces Japan Command. In addition to telling that it was a case, we made an offer to provide information, thoroughly manage safety, investigate the cause, and prevent recurrence.