For the first time, a person infected with the new variant virus "Omicron strain" of the new corona was confirmed in South Korea, and the government decided to keep the facilities designated by the government for 6 days even for Japanese who newly enter from South Korea. rice field.

In response to the worldwide spread of Omicron strains, the government has suspended new entry of foreigners in all countries and regions on the 30th.

From the 2nd, re-entry of foreigners with status of residence from 10 African countries such as South Africa and Namibia will be suspended in principle.

Furthermore, on the night of the 1st, after the Korean government announced that an infected person of Omicron strain was confirmed for the first time, the Japanese government announced that ▽ Japanese and ▽ foreigners with status of residence who enter from South Korea will also be in the country for 6 days after entering the country. We have decided to stay in the accommodation designated by the quarantine station.

In addition, if you enter from Switzerland and the overseas French prefecture Reunion in the Indian Ocean, you will be staying at the accommodation for a new 3 days, and if you are coming from Australia, Sweden, Germany, or Portugal, you will be staying at the facility. It means that it will be extended from 3 days to 6 days.

These measures will be applied from entry after midnight on the 3rd of Japan time.

This brings the total number of countries and regions where the Government of Japan requires immigrants to wait at facilities to 51.