• Wednesday evening, at the bar Makeda (5th) is organized in Marseille the election of Miss Cagole 2021.

  • On the menu of this crazy evening, quiz on Marseille and ecofeminism, and dj set the best of bad bitch sounds.

  • The organization, led by the co-founder of a young Marseille ready-to-wear brand, intends to “revalue the cagoles” and carry a positive definition of femininity.

Sometimes mocked, often parodied, but never equaled, the cagole, also an object of fantasy, is, in a sense, like Marseille. She speaks loudly, speaks loudly, says what she thinks, answers, stands up and, above all, is proud of who she is. But this word also carries a pejorative charge, and perhaps synonymous with vulgarity, frivolity, superficiality, all wrapped in a dress style, at best, questionable.

And it is to "revalue the term" that Lisa, co-founder of Cagole Nomade, a young Marseille ready-to-wear brand has decided to bring the Miss Cagole contest up to date.

Because Miss Cagole has a story.

That of an unparalleled beauty contest organized in the 90s by the Traquenard, a bar pillar of the Plain.

Event that the INA had not failed to immortalize.

In 2018, this same bar had organized a revival, won by Marie.

"We had laughed so much that Enzo, bar server and co-organizer of this evening, said to himself 'we will not do others'", recalls Marie aka Gloria, that evening.

"But with the girlfriends, we had in mind to continue".

Ecofeminism with rhinestones and sequins

The evening which will designate the new queen of the cagoles - because the competition is also open to men, wishing to offer the best of their queerness - is scheduled at the Makeda bar (5th) this Wednesday. The winner will become the face of Cagole Nomade, a brand that produces unisex and eco-designed clothing. The jury, probably influenced by the audience, will judge the ten candidates on a parade and a performance, dance or karaoke type. This part of the competition will be conducted under the expert eye of Maryam Kaba, founder of AfroVibe. “I am a modern cagole and my job is to loosen people in their heads and who are also in their bodies. For me, a cagole is a woman who assumes, accepts herself as she is, and is not afraid to express her desires. She loves men but the cagole is also pansexual, ”she describes.

And because a cagole is not just about its precious appearance, a quiz, designed by Éric Akopian from Clean my Calanque on Marseille, ecology and feminism will test their knowledge.

At the end of the election, a DJette will take over.

On the menu "the best bad bitch sounds of the 90s and 2000s", Lisa announces.

Understand R'n'B, Eurodance and Dancehall.

But behind this very serious organization is a double dose of the second degree and an acid critique of a certain vision of femininity.

"Being a cagole is a different form of expression for women in public space"

"We also wanted to do it at the same time as Miss France (which takes place 10 days later, Editor's note)", specifies Lisa, who will host the evening under the pseudonym of Jeanne-Pierrette Boucan in the company of Jeanne-Vieille De Fond -de-Tain (Maryam Kaba). "Miss France is the Middle Ages," she criticizes. “A miss is not just about her waistline”. “The cagole is also a good mother of a family,” adds Maryam. "Me, I was raised by big cagoles, women who never went out without heels and only wore thongs", confides Marie. “In fact, being a cagole is a different form of expression for women in public spaces,” she sums up. And there are cagoles in all cultures and of all types. In Marseille alone, it's Algerian in 50 shades of leopards,to the rich girls of the 8th with their locks and their Austin mini ”.

“The cagoles seem superficial, but in the end, they are true.

Being a cagole is freedom, and without half measures, ”concludes Lisa.

A positive definition for a femininity of the 21st century, in rhinestones and sequins, not far from forming a sociological theory of the cagole.


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