• France 2 broadcasts this Wednesday at 9:05 pm a new judicial series entitled

    The Code


  • The Code

    follows the daily life of a law firm founded by Idriss Toma, a lawyer in full redemption.

  • How does the


    , while avoiding references to Anglo-Saxon procedure, take hold of the codes of American-style judicial series?

After order, the law! Stéphane Drouet and Lionel Olenga, the producers of

Cherif, are

launching this Wednesday at 9:05 p.m. on France 2 a six-episode legal series entitled

The Code

, which features a Lille law firm. Like the American procedural series, each episode deals with a case: “At the base of the

Le Code


, there is a common desire: to offer popular entertainment featuring the French judicial system, a world that is ultimately little known to the public. viewers as the American imagery has imposed itself in our collective unconscious ”, write Lionel Olenga, Nicolas Robert and Cécile Even, the creators of the series, in their note of intent. How

The Code

, while avoiding clichés and the accumulation of references to Anglo-Saxon procedure, seizes the codes of American judicial series?

“The idea was to make a judicial series with trials, with situations of lawyers who can have cases of conscience, where we can discuss the difference between law and morals, and at the same time to succeed. to entertain, ”summarizes Lionel Olenga, creator of the series

20 Minutes

met during a round table at Séries Mania.

A hero who can die any minute


The Code

, Daniel Njo Lobé, awarded the prize for best actor at the Séries Mania festival for this role, plays Idriss Toma, 46, the Parisian lawyer of the rich and powerful, whose life is turned upside down when he is the victim of an attempted murder.

He survives, but an inoperable bullet shard can now kill him at any time.

"Following this, he will rethink his life, his relationship to life, death, family", summarizes Daniel Njo Lobé.

"We made the choice to enter the series through the characters", comments Lionel Olenga.

On a personal level, he tries to forge better relationships with his daughter Chloe (Wendy Nieto).

Professionally, Idriss Toma decides to return to practice in Lille, his hometown, where he "sets up a firm with two strong women", Nadia Ayad (Naidra Ayadi), a committed lawyer and Jeanne Vanhoven (Christiane Millet), a former glory of the crazy bar.

Above all, Idriss "becomes more humble and more attentive", and puts his expertise and talent at the service of those whom the judicial machine threatens to crush.

An American-style procedural structure

In this choral series, each episode deals with a case, carried by a guest like Annelise Hesme, Grégoire Bonnet or Jérôme Bertin.

Each affair mirrors one of the characters and his convictions, and with French society.

“The firm allows us to come back to issues.

Episode 3 of season 1 deals with rape.

If we have other seasons, the idea is to be able to come back to this subject with another lawyer.

Who says another lawyer, necessarily says a point of view, an attitude and questions different ", details Lionel Olenga.

A structure inspired by the great American judicial series.

“I started with

Lawyers and Associates


I'm a huge fan of David E. Kelley's legal series, ”explains Lionel Olenga.

Alongside the detective series, the judicial series appears to be the poor relation of French fiction.

"In the United States, no channel does not have its legal series or series," recalls the screenwriter.

American codes adapted to French justice

Series that the team behind

Le Code

saw and incorporated the codes. As in

Hill Street Blues


The Law of Los Angeles (LA Law)

by Steven Bochco, each episode of The


opens with a cabinet brief on the cases to come. Much like

Dick Wolf's

New York Law and Order

franchise, each episode shows how the inner workings of the legal system can complicate a case. The decor of the Cabinet du Code is reminiscent of that of Donnell & Associates in

The Practice

by David E. Kelley.

The French series is also intended to be faithful to the hexagonal system.

"We have attended trials, had technical advisers and we know this universe well", explains Lionel Olenga.

Victories or defeats, "the trials are emotional rollercoasters," said the screenwriter, punctuated by the complicity between the lawyers and a few touches of humor.

"A societal entertainment", in the words of the direction of the fiction of France Televisions.


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