China News Service, Xiamen, November 30 (Li Siyuan Maisjie) As the main project of "foreign defense input" in Xiamen City's epidemic prevention and control work, Xiamen Airport "International/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Arrival Second Passage" (referred to as "Second Passage") ) Since its opening on October 23 this year, it has accumulated more than 10,000 passengers.

  The "Second Passage" is located in the former Xiamen Airport T2 Terminal. It was transformed from the Red Dot Museum. It is a fully enclosed entry channel independent of domestic inbound and outbound passengers and international outbound passengers. It is the first international/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan opening in Mainland China. Dedicated terminal for regional inbound flights.

The picture shows passengers passing through the “Second Passage of International/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Arrivals” at Xiamen Airport.

Photo courtesy of China Construction Third Bureau

  "For the first time, this channel uses information inspection equipment such as intelligent verification desks, translators, and intelligent gates to provide passengers with a safe, comfortable and efficient customs clearance environment to the maximum extent while strictly preventing and controlling." Fujian Zhaoxiang Airport Construction Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Lin Banyong told reporters that the "Second Channel" is set up with seven sub-zones, including customs circulation area, sampling area, and decontamination area, which has achieved simultaneous upgrades in epidemic prevention, law enforcement, technology, and security.

  Since its launch on August 16 this year, the "Second Passage" reconstruction project undertaken by China Construction Third Engineering Group Co., Ltd. has gone through 45 days of hard work day and night, and was finally successfully completed and accepted.

The picture shows the sampling area of ​​"International/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Arrival Second Passage" at Xiamen Airport.

Photo courtesy of China Construction Third Bureau

  "I worked on several projects with the China Construction Third Engineering Bureau. This time the requirements are high and time is tight. Everyone worked hard." As a witness, Chen Xi, who had just passed the year, had a history of the 24-hour three-shift construction. Item.

Chen Xi is mainly responsible for the demolition, wall masonry and lightweight partition construction. In order to speed up the construction progress, he and his workers took a nap on the side after working overtime at night, so as to quickly adjust the state and continue to work.

  It is reported that this international arrival "second passage" transformed from the original Red Dot Museum has a total area of ​​7792.75 square meters. In addition to the original functional areas of customs and border inspections, the terminal has also been specially constructed Functional areas related to epidemic prevention and control to respond to the complex and severe situation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.