Joséphine Baker dances with the colors of history

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“Joséphine B”, by Xavier Durringer, with Clarisse Caplanet Thomas Armand, is at the Passy theater, until January 2, 2022. © Pascal GELY

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Joséphine Baker is entering the Panthéon today (November 30).

Xavier Durringer offers on the stage of the Passy theater a sparkling and inspired musical show on the hectic life of this Resistant artist of a thousand lives.


It is the republican ceremony of the day in France.

The entry into the Pantheon of the 6th woman to whom the motherland thus expresses its gratitude.

Joséphine Baker

, artist, singer, dancer, magazine leader.

But also Joséphine Baker the black icon committed against segregation, discrimination and racism, for justice and all freedoms.

The artist who was also Resistance to the Nazi occupiers during World War II.

A woman of a thousand lives, from a large and poor family in the southern United States.

She sang that she had two loves: her country and Paris.

A global icon that tells us about a show in his image: sparkling and full of humor, full of energy and insolence, which combines song, dance and comedy.

“Joséphine B”, by

Xavier Durringer

, with

Clarisse Caplan


Thomas Armand

is to be applauded at the Passy theater, until January 2, 2022. 


 In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Lia Rodrigues' dance company prepared her show, entitled “Encantado”.

A show that will be presented at the Théâtre National de Chaillot, in Paris, from December 1 to 8, as part of the Autumn Festival.

Our correspondent,

Sarah Cozzolino

 met the choreographer and her dancers, in the midst of the creation process, in the favela of Maré.


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